Cameron Highlands Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Last updated : 26 June 2014

Cameron Highlands day tour from Kuala Lumpur is created to give the best day trip experience at the largest Hill station in Malaysia. Situated at a height of 1500 meters at the Titiwangsa Mountains, Cameron Highlands offer various unique natural beauty from the waterfalls, Tea Plantation, Aboriginal people, Tropical Rainforests and the world oldest MOSSY Forest. The best part about this tour tourist do it in one day and is fully private organized. Tourist will receive personalized attention with experienced tour guide.

Cameron Highlands Day Tour Pick Up and Drop Off Detail

  • Pick up time on normal day…….: 0730am
  • Pick up time on weekend………..: will be notify by email
  • Pick up point………………………..: your respective Hotel
  • Tour Duration………………………: 12± hours

We very particular on pick up time especially during weekend and Public Holiday. Kindly brief you group about the punctuality during the tour. 

List of Things To Do in Cameron Highlands During The Tour

  • Stop Visit Lata Iskandar Waterfalls
  • Photo Stop Bharat Tea Plantation
  • Boh Tea and Factory Tour
  • Tea Break in BOH Tea Plantation
  • Butterflies Garden Tour
  • Stop Visit Gunung Berinchang
  • Stop Visit Mossy Forest
  • Stop Visit Time Tunnel
  • Pick your own Strawberry
  • Blowpipe Demonstration by Aboriginal People

Cameron Highlands Day Tour Itinerary

Please take note the itinerary for Cameron Highlands Day Tour is subject to change according to weather and traffic condition. During the school holiday and weekend, the driver or guide will made some adjustment on itinerary, the priority to visit the main highlight such Boh Tea Plantation and Mossy Forest.

lata iskandar water falls Cameron Highlands Day Tour from Kuala LumpurThe first stop during Cameron Highlands day tour will be Lata Iskandar water fall, the multiple level waterfall about 40 meter high also the main source for local people to get water supply. One of the main attraction for stopover to stretch up the leg and enjoying the fresh air before continuing the journey. Besides the natural beauty and the waterfalls, Lata Iskandar also a place for local traders selling local product such as woven from rattan and bamboo. Here, tourists also able to sample some of local fruit such Durian, Petai (Parkia Speciosa) Rambutan and Langsat. Most of the fruit was bought to here by indigenous people from the surrounding area.

bharat tea plantation cameron highlands Cameron Highlands Day Tour from Kuala LumpurCameron Highlands is well-known for its unique taste of Tea, the first Tea Plantation we will visit is Bharat Tea Plantation, even thought Bharat Plantation is not the biggest and oldest Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands, the scenery of green leaf like a nature carpet will make you wanted to stay here forever.

cameron highlands day tripThe main attraction in Cameron Highlands is BOH Tea Plantation. Cameron Highlands day trip will not consider complete if tourist is not visiting this plantation. Established about 83 years ago by J.A Russel, BOH Tea Plantation has a reputation as the oldest and biggest Tea producer in Malaysia. Here the tourist will be brief about the history of BOH Tea Plantation The factory is open for public to get to know how the process of making Tea from pluck the shoot to sorting processed Tea. After Tea Factory tour, tourist will be giving ample time to have fresh Tea with breathtaking Tea Plantation view. Sungei Palas BOH Tea Factory and Plantation situated about 1500 meter from the sea level.

cameron highlands day tourOur Cameron Highlands day tour itinerary also will include visiting Gunung Berinchang (Berinchang Mountain) the second highest point in Cameron Highlands. At the 2000 meter, Berinchang Mountain is the best place to see the Titiwangsa Range from the 16 meter look out tower. We also will drive pass the world oldest Mossy Forest, option is open for tourist to take a quick visit to Mossy Forest.

cameron highlands day tourRose Valley is among the biggest flowers centre in Cameron Highlands. Established about 23 years ago, Rose Valley house of more than 400 types of Rose comes in different shape and size. Besides that few species tropical flowers, such Spider LiLy, Hibiscus, Orchid, Heliconia and Morning Glory also can be found here.

cameron highlands day tour from kuala-lumpurThe moderate climate and the lush forest in Cameron Highlands is the perfect condition for certain insect and animals such as Snake, Beetle, Grasshopper, Butterflies and Cricket. Cameron Highlands Butterflies Farm has been established since 1989, the main attractions here is the largest Butterflies species in the world Antheraea Helfer (Emperor Butterflies) and Raja Brooke Butterflies.

cameron highlands day tripIf you comes from 1950s and 1960s generation, Time Tunnel is a great places to remember back your childhood or during your young age. This centre collecting a lots of old stuff from recording record, kitchen tools, toys, signboard,old photos of Cameron Highlands, teaching tools, brief history and event happen in Cameron Highlands for past 60 years.

cameron highlands strawberry pickingBesides Tea and Flowers, Cameron also the main producer Strawberry fruit in Malaysia. Most of the Strawberry here is used to make a jam. During Cameron Highlands day tour, not only tourist visiting the farm to see how they use the Green House and Hydroponic system to control the soil temperature. Tourist also have an opportunity to taste and pick the Strawberry.

cameron highlands day tourTo pay a tribute to the Malaysian indigenous people who live along the way to Cameron Highlands, Cameron Highlands day tour itinerary will include blow pipe demonstration by Senoi Tribe indigenous people mainly stay in Central Peninsula Malaysia.


End of Cameron Highlands Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur


Cameron Highlands Day Tour – Prices

All Prices in Malaysia Ringgit Currency

Adult Prices in Malaysian Currency
1 Person 2 Person 3 – 5 Person
RM620 per-person RM335 per-person From RM270 per-person
Children Prices in Malaysian Currency
Infant – 3 years 4 – 11 years  12 years and above
Free RM170 per-children Refer to Adult Prices
surcharge RM170 if two Children below 3 years travel together

Cameron Highlands Tour Packages

Prices Inclusive

  1. All transportation charges
  2. Lunch – Local Food only
  3. Entrance Ticket for:
    • Time Tunnel
    • Pick Your Own Strawberry
    • Butterfly Garden

Prices Not Inclusive

  1. Personal Expenses
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Alcohol Beverages

 Additional Info

Travel time to Cameron Highlands will take about 3 to 3½ hours. The first 146 km we will use North West Highway the road very good and smooth. The last 60km to nearest town of Cameron Highlands we will use the original road use by Sir George Maxwell in 1925 where is narrow and winding. For those having motion sickness allergies kindly take a medicine recommendation by your Doctor. Tourist also are advice not taking too much breakfast.

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  1. Fred says

    Hello Anuar

    Me and my family ( 4 People ) are travelling to Kuala Lumpur on on 25th of June and we want to take the
    Cameron Highlands day tour. We can do the day tour on either Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th of June. I
    have heard that there can be a lot of road traffic on the way to Cameron Highlands. Can you tell me which day
    is better for travel there, Friday or Saturday as we want to avoid road traffic and not miss anything there. Also
    does your tours have available spots on these dates for four people.


    Fred Australia

  2. Galea says

    Hi! We live at Tropics (condo at Tropicana City Mall).

    1. If we avail of the package, is our understanding correct that you will pick us up at Tropicana 7AM > Cameron Highlands + Hotel at Cameron > Tropicana?

    2. What time will we arrive Tropicana when we get back?

    3. Can you suggest Hotels in Cameron?

    4. How much will this tour be in total?

  3. MosKito says

    I really want to know also how much the tour is… So why you not just write it down here?
    If you are not it looks like you are ashamed of your own prices and I belive they are fair? 😉

    I learned so far that you go by minibus right? so we can share the hole thing as a couple
    or with 10 other people…

    Easy question easy answer please.. How much is the tour? Alone… with two ppl… or the full bus….

    thx in advance

  4. Billy Lam says

    I’ve some questions regarding the 1 day trip to Cameron Highlands from KL in September.

    About us:
    we’ll be in KL for holiday, and one of these day (25,26 and 27 September) we’re available for 1 day trip to Cameron Highlands. We’re 4 adults.

    Which day is the 1 day trip to Cameron Highlands available? I assumed this is a private trip for 4 adults.
    What is the total price for 4 adults? (4x 270RM?), is there any hidden/extra/additional charge? and is there any possibility to get a little discount?
    How can we order and pay the trip? Can we pay you just in front of our hotel for pickup?
    I understood from this site, lunch is included. If we order this trip, is the lunch for 4 adults?
    Approximately time to pickup and drop-off from the hotel we stay?
    What type of transportation method we will be pick up and drop off?
    Is there a tour guide with us during the trip to explain us what it is/are? Is so, we prefer English or Cantonese is this possible?
    If not, how then?

    Thanks for the fast response and time.

    Best regards.
    Billy Lam

  5. lana says

    Can i know what is the cost per person,, we are in Kuala Lumpur, we are planning to go to Cameron Highland

  6. says

    Dear Visitor,
    Kindly use my Contact Me tab located on top right of this page if you have any question regarding Cameron Highlands Tour. This will speed up the time for us to reply your question. This comments section will be use as comments about our customer experience doing a tour with us.

    Thank you

  7. Nadia Iqbal says

    Please advise what is the cost of this 1 day trip to Cameron Highlands from KL during September. We are 4 persons.

    Thank you

  8. Annabel says

    Hi, can i please find out whether this tour will be running in December and whether it is a private tour? How much is it per person for 2 people?

    Thank you!

    • says

      Cameron Highlands tour from Kuala Lumpur available throughout the year. For the couple the tour will be conducted privately unless you willing to share the tour with another passenger where the cost will be share among all passenger.

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