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Last updated : 26 May 2014

old kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Kuala Lumpur City is the capital and the biggest city in Malaysia. Located at the confluence of two rivers Gombak and Klang rivers, Kuala Lumpur means the area near the muddy river (Kuala means the place near the river, the area can be upstream or downstream of the river, Lumpur means muddy).Kuala Lumpur City is the last capital city in Asia Continent placed on land. Popular with the name KL by local. Previously the city belongs to Selangor State until 1st February 1974, its was directly under Federation of Malaysia Government control. All Federation Government Administrator office in the city before they relocated to Putrajaya by staged started by Prime Minister Department. By moving out from the city, will enable Kuala Lumpur City Halls to develop and utilize the limited areas for commercial and business center hub for Malaysia more effective.

Kuala Lumpur City  – A Guide for First Time Tourist

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Population in Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur population Kuala Lumpur City Since the established of Kuala Lumpur by Chinese mining worker in 1857, Chinese community was the majority people in Kuala Lumpur City. Chinese represent about 60% of 1.8 million people in the city mainly involved in commercial and business activity. Others people are 30% Malay, Indian 15% and small people from Iban, Kedazan, Bidayuh tribe from Borneo. Besides dominant by local community, the city also has a huge number of immigrant worker from India, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Weather in Kuala Lumpur

weather kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Kuala Lumpur City situated about 343 km from Equator line. Weather in the city more or less very uniform year around. Hot and sunny in the morning, heavy thunderstorm in the evening within 3pm – 5pm. The heavy rainfalls are usually last for 1 – 2 hours. Average temperature at middle of the day around 32°C – 38°C with high humidity. During Monsoon season (Nov – Jan) the rainfalls much longer and consistent for the entire day. The rain can start at any time either in the early morning or midnight. If tourist need to do the Kuala Lumpur tour in the evening, bring along an umbrella or raincoat. Traveller came from the cold country should do tour activity in the morning to familiarize themself with warm and humid weather.

Internet Connection

internet kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City There are few ways you can connect to internet in Kuala Lumpur City . If you are a heavy user of the internet that always updating status in Facebook or others social media, tourist can buy the local prepaid Sim card with internet packages from Malaysia communication company such Maxis Mobile Hotlink, Celcom or Umobile. All foreigner required to show their passport for registration. Please take note the seller will made a copy of your passport as proof of registration to Telco Company. For light user, you can use Wifi service in the Hotel but the connection speed very poor and not covering all the room.

Power Supply, Wall Plug and Socket

3pin square wall plug Kuala Lumpur City Power voltage 220/240 volts. Plug point type three pin as show in the images above. Kindly bring along universal adapter from for charging your Camera Battery or other gadget. Tourist can get a Universal adapter at electronic stores in the city, but most of the time they run out of stock. Buy it from your country to avoid wasting a time looking for an adapter.



Toilet in Kuala Lumpur City

kuala lumpur toilet Kuala Lumpur City Public toilet in the Kuala Lumpur City comes with two versions, sitting and squatting toilet. Most of public toilet in Kuala Lumpur have a both versions but do not provide any toilet roll unless tourist uses the toilet in the Hotel. Tourist is advice to bring along own toilet roll or tissue. If tourist travel outside from the city kindly inform the driver earlier if they need a stop for the driver have ample time to find a proper toilet. If a tourist does not have any choice just use a squat toilet, take it as part of your travel experience. Most of public toilet in Malaysia charged 20 to 50 cents per-entry as the cost to maintain the cleanliness and water bill.

The Best Place for Money Exchange in Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur money exchange Kuala Lumpur City The best places to change foreign currency is in the Kuala Lumpur downtown. They accepted almost all foreign currency with few condition. The money exchange bureau was very particular about the quality of paper money. Make sure the traveler have the latest version of USD, Pound or Euro currency. The money should be not torn or faded. Another option, change the old currency before flying to Malaysia or at the transit country even the rates much lower compared in Malaysia. Others wise tourist might be stranded in Malaysia without any money. Malaysia currency recognized as Ringgit Malaysia with symbol RM or MYR.

Drinking Water

kuala lumpur drinking water Kuala Lumpur City As you see on the images, there are three different of drinking cap color. The white cap is for filter drinking water. The green and blue cap for mineral water. The prices are depending on the volume and type of water. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydrating. Do not drink water that been left in the vehicle parked under the Sun for a long period of time. Ice cubes – ice cubes in Kuala Lumpur were produced by ice supplier. The water source came from filter water provided by states government water company. Most of fast food Restaurant produce their own ice cubes.

Public Transportation in Kuala Lumpur City

kuala lumpur taxi Kuala Lumpur City Moving around in the city quiet easy. Tourist can choose to use Taxi, free Buses service called GOKL, Monorail and LRT system. Taxi in Kuala Lumpur has two tier service, budget taxi and executive taxi. Budget Taxi the meter will start at RM3.00 while Executive Taxi the meter start at RM6.00. If you plan to do a tour outside of Kuala Lumpur such to Kuala Selangor Fireflies make sure you hire a Taxi for return trip or take a tour package from the tour operator. Not advice to use a Taxi for long trip such to Cameron Highlands due the cost much more higher especially using a Executive Taxi. Use a taxi is the fastest way to get to a destination but the Taxi services in Kuala Lumpur often been questioned as unreliable especially during heavy rainfall and during peak hours.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

kuala lumpur international airport 2 Kuala Lumpur City Kuala Lumpur International Airport has two terminal known as KLIA and KLIA 2, both terminal handling domestic and international flight. The main terminal known as KLIA handling most of Premium Airlines service such Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airlines. Tourist has a option to use Limo Service, Meter Taxi or KLIA Express Train transfer to the city.If tourist taking a KLIA Express Service, the train will stop at KL Sentral Station. From KL Sentral Station, you need to take another mode of transportation such Taxi or LRT to downtown of  Kuala Lumpur City.

While KLIA 2 Terminal handling low cost carrier such Air Asia, Tiger Air, Malindo Air, Lion Air and Cebu Air. KLIA Express train connecting both terminal. If you taking a Buses Service from KLIA2 Terminal, Bus will stop KL Sentral. Taxi is the best mode of transportation to the city if you have few luggage and Children to taking care. From terminal its bring you direct to your Hotel. The distance between two terminal is about 2 kilometer.

Safety in Kuala Lumpur

snatch thief Kuala Lumpur City As a metropolitan city, Kuala Lumpur was not spared from the problem of crime. Although the crime rate is under controlled, safety measures should be taken to prevent from being happening while travelling in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the crimes that often occur to the tourists is theft and pick-pocket. Snatch thief can happen at anywhere anytime either at the busy road or back street. Pick pocket occurs in a crowded public place such as a bus or monorail. Valuable items such passport or jewellery must keep in the Hotel Safe Box. Avoid bringing too much cash, made the full amount for Hotel and tour booking before come to Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Street Food

kuala lumpur food1 Kuala Lumpur City One of the main attractions in Kuala Lumpur City is street food. Street food in Kuala Lumpur is very popular among local and foreign tourists because is tasty, cheap and fast. There are two types street food tourist can find in the city. First, the cooked food display on a small display table for customer to choose the dishes, quiet similar concept as buffets but the prices is charges according to amount dishes customer took. The food was cooked at home few hours before the business started. Very popular among local especially in the morning. Second types, the table and chair was placed on the street and cooking process be done in actual Restaurant. The second types are more popular at the established restaurant during nighttime, local people tend to have heavy dinner in the night. Most of the tourist usually will blame to the food hawkers or Restaurant owner if they sick. Not everyone has a strong stomach, try avoid Alcohol if you plan to eat spicy food such curry or sambal chilli. Tourist need to notify the server if you allergic to specific food ingredient such peanut, starch or MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Among favorite traveler point for night street food in Kuala Lumpur is on Alor Street (Jalan Alor).

Should I Tips?

tips money kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Giving tips are related to the level of satisfied customer get. It is not mandatory, but it is more towards to encouragement. Should customer give tips? It depends on individual. If the customer feels the service provided is excellent, the tips should be giving to motivate the staff to continues their excellent service. However, if booking the tour with a coach tourist need to give tips to tour guide and the driver. Some of the restaurants already inclusive tips a.k.a service charge 10% as part of the food prices. Kindly check the bill before deciding to give tips. Do not give tips using foreign coins domination, as its not valid to exchange at the Bank or a foreign currency exchange.

All the list about Kuala Lumpur City Centre above is collection of common question been asked to me during conducting the tour. Feel free to ask any question about Kuala Lumpur using a comments system below or share it with your friends.


Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips

  • Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips for Cheap Holiday

    visiting kuala lumpur tips Kuala Lumpur City The articles Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips is dedicated to tourist who planning to have cheaper Holiday in Kuala Lumpur either as a single traveler or with Children. Based on our experience conducting tours, most tourists does not make enough research before visiting Kuala Lumpur. Visiting Kuala Lumpur at the wrong time causing a difficulty for tour operator in Kuala Lumpur planning the tour and giving the best tour experience. Hoping the article Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips help tourist to plan their holiday and get a better tour experience on each tour especially with Children

    Things You Should Know Before Visiting Kuala Lumpur

    kuala lumpur community Kuala Lumpur City Short holiday on weekend and public holiday are very popular among Malaysian. Weekend and Public Holiday is the only time they have the opportunity to bring their family and Children visiting attractions in Kuala Lumpur or surrounding. As family orientated community, visiting parents in home townand other family member is a must during the religious festival such Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year and Deevali. More than 60% people who live and works in Kuala Lumpur originated from others nearby states such Malacca, Johor Bharu, Perak and Penang.The good highway system made the travel time within the states in Malaysia is much faster and convenience for Malaysian but not on weekend or during a major Public Holiday. Malaysia has 14 days National Holiday, 72 days School Holiday and about 14 days state Holiday. National Holiday in Malaysia inclusive local religious festival and other international holidays are accordingly to Gregorian Calendar such New Year and Christmas. If any National Public Holiday falls on Sunday, the Holiday will be substituted to the next day making it three day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Situation like long weekend where tourist should avoid travel while planning a holiday. The longest period of Malaysia School Holiday from 15 November till 1 January. The new term of School started on 2nd January every year. This is the best time to visiting Kuala Lumpur.

    Things To Do Before Visiting Kuala Lumpur

    1. Spend a time study about Malaysia Public Holiday Calendar. Mark down any date falls on Public Holiday or long School Holiday. Major religious festival such Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and weekend during School Holiday should mark as NO.
    2. Book a Hotel and flight ticket early. Foreign tourist has a privilege getting a special discount for Hotel and Airlines fare if the online booking made few month early. Malaysia low carrier Airlines known as Air Asia offer the cheap flight ticket for domestic and international flight. Tourist can see a huge price different within during the weekday and public holiday.
    3. Get a second or third opinion from a local guide or tour operator in Kuala Lumpur. They are the best people to answer the question due their experience conducting a tour. Asking a travel forum can be very confusing when so many people are giving their own opinion..

    The Best Time Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips

    Subject on objective and activity tourist plan to do during the vacation in Kuala Lumpur. Here is some of the tips the best time visiting Kuala Lumpur for cheap and productive holiday If tourist looking for quiet and less people in tourist attraction either in Kuala Lumpur or outside Kuala Lumpur:-

    1. During Fasting Month -

    More than 60% the total population in Malaysia is Muslim. During the fasting month, Muslim community will limit their movement including going for a holiday. During the slow period, most of the Hotel in Malaysia will offer a special promotion to increase the Hotel occupancy.

    2. After School Holiday

    Month of January till middle of March, April until July, middle of August till middle of November is the best time visit Kuala Lumpur due after long school holiday in Malaysia. If Tourist Visiting Kuala Lumpur for Shopping and Holiday
    1. 1 Malaysia Mega Sale and Malaysia Year End Sale
    Every year Malaysia Tourism Minister held Mega Sale and Year End Sale for 1½ month. During this season all participate shopping mall will offer special discount for all the merchandise and item. The Malaysia Mega Sale carnival is available on the month of Jun - September and month of November till the first week of January every year. What if tourist do not have any other choice? Discuss with your travel agents in Kuala Lumpur. It is crucial to hire a tour operator who flexible when conducting the tour. All the tour activity can be plan to start early or postponed the tour to others suitable day. If the tourist have any suggestion or question about the articles, kindly submit the idea in comments section.    

  • How to Get The Best Potential From your Tour Guide in Kuala Lumpur

    tour guide in kuala lumpur 250x170 Kuala Lumpur City My articles "How to Get the Best from your tour guide in Kuala Lumpur" based from my experienced conducted the private tour guide in Kuala Lumpur for last 5 years. Tour guide in Kuala Lumpur was trained to give the information and the history of the site you visit. No matter the experienced or the best tour guide you engaged its impossible to satisfied every tourist because everyone has different expectations. Some other factor that obstruct tour guide to give their best service came from tourist attitude before and during the tour. This article are not indent to find anyone fault. The better understanding between the tour guide with their guest will create harmony and excellent tour experience.  

    Six Things That Spoil Mood of Tour Guide in Kuala Lumpur

    1. Late for pickup  -Most of Kuala Lumpur tour guide live outside the city. They woke up around 530am every morning just to make sure they not late to do a pickup. It's very disappointing some of the tourists from the some country totally not punctual during the pickup time. If the tourist late for 5 minutes we still can tolerate, but if more than 30 minutes its consider rude. That means that the particular tourist does not respect the tour guide. Please understand most of the Hotel in Kuala Lumpur had small foyer with limited space for waiting. During the peak hours 8 -10am, tour guide are not allowed to park their vehicle at the Hotel foyer. End up the tour guide has to make a few round over and over again or park the vehicle somewhere else. All the tour operator in Kuala Lumpur provided a Hotline number for tourist to contact. Inform your tour operator that you need more time to prepare at least half hours before the pickup time.
    2. Understand your tour program - Not all tour program is created equal especially if your booked Seat in Coach (SIC) is totally different from the private tour. You should ask your tour operator  in Kuala Lumpur the different within two tour program, don't blame it to your tour guide. Share with your family member the tour program where we will go and when expected coming back. Some of the family member keeping asking a same question over and over again. If tourist wanted to customized the tour itinerary in Kuala Lumpur, discuss with your tour guide at the moments the tour started in order tour guide planning a new route. Please understand the traffic condition in Kuala Lumpur was terrible. Its time consuming to change the itinerary last minutes.
    3. Communicate - Let your tour guide knows your situation. A good example, you just arrive few hours ago due flight delay, you a bit tired and need to take a nap. Another example: You still in jet lag.This is important for us to understand your situation because if you keeping Yawn and looked boring we might think the tourist not interested with our commentary. End up the tour guide decided not to do a proper commentary or just quiet. Please respond or ask a question to show you interested with the subject.
    4. Not Respect  - Tour guide in Kuala Lumpur came from many different backgrounds. They are Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Some of the religious practice by them it might look silly by the tourist.  Avoid asking question related to Religious, Politic and Government Policy unless you want to know as general knowledge
    5. Selfish Tourist - Some of day tour from Kuala Lumpur itinerary last for more than 8 hours. Yes, we understand you pay the tour and wanted to use every single minute for your money. Although the tourist wanted to skip the lunch, your tour guide still needs to have somethings to eat. Ask your tour guide if they need to break for lunch or coffee. They are a human being not a robot.
    6. Demanding/ High Expectations - Few number of tourist I met have a very high expectation, everything must be perfect. They complaining about everything including the weather. Malaysia categories as developing country, some of things you see might not same as you practice in your country. No point you criticized, its nothing to do with tour guide job scope. Please understand certain things such weather and traffic condition in Kuala Lumpur beyond tour guide control. This will demoralized your tour guide.
    During you tour in Kuala Lumpur, tour guide function as facilitator for the tourist to understand about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Besides that we also have to made sure the tourist safety, comfortable and tourist get a correct information. In order for tour guide to deliver their top notch their need your cooperation. Happy Touring    

  • PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets Online Purchase

    petronas twin towers entrance ticket Kuala Lumpur City Before I elaborate more about PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets, here some facts about the procedure for visiting the PETRONAS Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation Deck for your reference.  PETRONAS Twin Towers entrance tickets is limited, estimated only 880 pieces ticket issue daily. The earliest entrance ticket at 900am and last entrance ticket at 815pm, total operations hour is 11 hours. Due of security reason, each hours only 80 people are allowed to visit the Sky bridge and level 86. PETRONAS Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation deck only able to handle 40 visitors at one time. Groups of 80 people will be divided into two small groups, 40 visitors in each group. The difference visiting time for each group is 15 minutes. Every PETRONAS Twin Towers tickets has a single visiting time, the visiting time visitor can select as long it still available from 9.00am to 815pm.

    If you missed your time slot for some reason, talk to officer in-charge. They might help you to slot in to empty places if still available.

    How to book PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets?

    petronas twin towers ticket counter Kuala Lumpur City There is few ways tourist can book the PETRONAS Twin Towers tickets.
    1. If you will spend few day in Kuala Lumpur but hesitate to make any online purchase. Tourist can buy a ticket directly from the counter. Please be there early, around 0730am.
    2. Buy Petronas Twin Towers Ticket Online from official website.
    3. Buy a Kuala Lumpur City Tour packages from local tour operator that comes with visiting Sky Bridge and Observation Deck.
    4. Unofficial online ticket - Tourist can arranges the ticket to be deliver to the specific Hotels with additional charges.

    Can I book the PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets Online?

    Yes, you can book the ticket online, but some of the website offering online ticket purchase was not officially from PETRONAS Twin Towers Visiting Centre. Tourist will able to get the ticket without queuing in the early morning by using the online reservation service provided on the website. Service charge ranges within RM50 – RM40 per ticket apply. Use Google to search the website.

    How Much the PETRONAS Twin Towers Ticket Prices?

    Due overwhelming demands the ticket prices has been increased for few times in last three years. Currently the ticket prices as below,
    1. Adult without MyCard: RM80 per person
    2. Children Prices: RM30 per children aged 3 – 11 years
    3. Adult with wheelchair: RM40 per person
    FREE ticket NO longer available. PETRONAS Twin Towers Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation Deck visit is closed for every Monday and few days during Eid Fitri.

    Ticket Counter Opening Hours

    • 0900am - 730pm - tourist is suggested to be at ticket counter early if plan to visit PETRONAS Sky Bridge and observation deck on the same day to avoid disappointed.

    Pron and Cons Purchase PETRONAS Twin Towers Ticket Online

    [one-half-first] Pros:
    1. Ticket and time slot is secure
    2. NO waiting in queues
    3. Save money and transportation
    [/one-half-first][one-half] Cons:
    1. NO Refund
    2. Not eligible for special prices if tourist is a senior citizen or with wheel chair
    3. The Credit Card owner must present to collect the tickets, its can very hassle for tourist or local if they bought a ticket for friend or family.
    [/one-half] [clear]

     Note from Editor:

    Articles about Petronas Twin Towers Ticket for Sky Bridge Tour is only for tourist reference. We are NOT the agents, dealer or representative for PETRONAS Twin Towers Management. All the inquiry about the ticket either online booking or over the counter should be address directly to PETRONAS Management by visiting their official website or ticket counter. Currently the PETRONAS Twin Towers online booking works well with Internet Explore 8 and above. Booking system also works well with Safari Browser and Chrome Browser from Ipad. From Android user may experience 'Untrusted Connection' notification.  

    Others Reference for Tourist

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  • Best Day Tours from Kuala Lumpur Tourist Can Do

    Day tours from Kuala Lumpur or trip mean, tourist visiting the attraction place located outside from Kuala Lumpur in the morning. Come back to Kuala Lumpur in the evening on the same day. All the attractions places located outside from Kuala Lumpur should not more than 250km. Travel time should be less than 3½ hours one way. Otherwise, tourist will spend too much time for traveling back and forth. Day tours suitable for stopover tourist, business people and those lazy to pack and unpack their luggage. The main advantage day tour from Kuala Lumpur is the tourist do not need keep changing a Hotel. The disadvantage, tourist need to wake early.  

    Best Day Tours From Kuala Lumpur Tourist Can Do

    1. Watching Fireflies at Kuala Selangor Fireflies Park
    kuala selangor fireflies Kuala Lumpur City Kuala Selangor located about 65km or 1 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Selangor famous for Fireflies, Silver Leaf Monkey, Palm Tree and Sea Food dinner at Selangor Riverbank. Watching fireflies in Kuala Selangor only can be done when its dark around 8.00pm to 10.30pm. To maximized your time and money during Kuala Selangor Fireflies Tour. We suggested tourist take a tour package normally comes with stopover at Batu Caves, Feeding the Silver Leaf Monkey and Dinner.
     2.Day Tour To Taman Negara from Kuala Lumpur
    day tour to taman negara from kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Situated about 242km in Pahang state or 3 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia National Park known as Taman Negara Malaysia is the farthest day tours from Kuala Lumpur traveler can do in one day. Taman Negara National Park Pahang has a status as the oldest rainforest in the world. List of activity visitor can do during day tours from Kuala Lumpur involving Jungle Trekking, Canopy Walk, Rapid Shooting and visiting Aboriginal people village. Similar activity did by those who overnight in Taman Negara. Taman Negara Day tour is suitable for tourist that not so adventure to overnight in the isolated rainforest without a reliable internet connection. Travel time back to Kuala Lumpur about 3½ hour due the traffic to the Kuala Lumpur much heavy in the evening.
    3. Day Tour to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur
    day tour to malacca from kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Malacca day tour is the most popular day tours from Kuala Lumpur among the foreign and local tourist. Situated about 150km or 1½ driving from Kuala Lumpur connected with modern highway is the main advantage for Malacca. Awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 together with Penang, Malacca was a paradise for Museum lovers and a photographer. Great places to learn Malay Sultanate Kingdom and how western powers established in Asia. List of activity visitor can do during Malacca day tour including Malacca boat cruise, visiting Museum and trying the delicious food from Baba Nyonya Malacca. Suitable for photograph, student, history lovers. Tour duration within 8 - 10 hours, expected reaching back Kuala Lumpur around 6.00pm
    4. Cameron Highlands Day Tours from Kuala Lumpur
    day tour to cameron highlands from kuala lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Cameron Highlands day tours maybe the tougher day tours tourist can do in the list. Last 56km to the biggest hill station the road very winding and narrow, not good for those having motion sickness and altitude sickness. Cameron Highlands has been established since 1885 by British Officers William Cameron. However J.A Russel that makes Cameron Highlands popular among the tourists for the impressive view of tea plantation. Situated in Pahang States about 198km or three hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. The main attraction in Cameron Highlands is Tea Plantation, Strawberry Farm, Mossy Forest, Lata Iskandar waterfalls and Vegetable Plantation. Tourist is advice not to take too much breakfast and get a motion sickness medicine one hour before travelling. Expected reaching Kuala Lumpur after the tour to Cameron Highland around 7.00pm
    5. Kuala Gandah Elephants Sanctuary
    malaysia elephants sanctuary Kuala Lumpur City Lastly, the five best day tours from Kuala Lumpur is Kuala Gandah Elephants Sanctuary. Situated in Pahang state, about 110km or 11/2 driving from Kuala Lumpur is an excellent place for animal lovers. Besides Elephants Sanctuary tourist also can arrange with the tour operator in Kuala Lumpur to visit Kuala Gandah Deerlands and Batu Caves to add value in tour program. List of activity during day tours from Kuala Lumpur to Elephants Sanctuary including feeding and bathing with Elephants, fruit sampling and rubber tree tapping demonstration.   Day tours from Kuala Lumpur are one of the best tour options besides Malaysia overland tours. With proper planning and combination with a good tour guide, tourist able to do all the highlight activity without a hassle transfer within Hotels every day.

    Day Tours from Kuala Lumpur Packages

     [post_connector_show_children slug="day-tours-from-kuala-lumpur" link="true" excerpt="true"]  


Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips

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