Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour Program Revised

Last updated : 19 September 2014

When I started the tour business in 2008, Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour is my best selling tour program from Kuala Lumpur. I bring my guest to sanctuary situated in Kuala Gandah Pahang 3 – 4 times a week.  Personally I have a very good relationship with the local people and the staff in Malaysia Elephants Conservation Center. The sanctuary was set up by Wildlife Department under Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment (NRE). The main objective of the centre is providing shelter for Orphanage and injury Elephants. Most of the Elephants in Malaysia Elephants Conservation Center is wild Elephants came  from various part of Peninsula Malaysia mainly from Perak and Kelantan State.

malaysia elephant sanctuary tour Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour Program Revised

Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary

Activity During Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Let recap what tourist can do at Kuala Gandah Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary tour previously.

  1. Video Show
  2. Hand Feeding and photographed with baby Elephants
  3. Rides the Elephants without basket
  4. Rides the Elephants in the river
elephant rides at malaysia elephant sanctuary Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour Program Revised

Riding Adult Elephant

The activity in Malaysia Elephants Sanctuary was a review in October 2011 where visitor are not allowed to rides the adult Elephants in the river. The decision was made after one local tourist complaining he get injury after rides the Elephants in the local newspaper. The  authority decided to stop the activity temporary and use a Juvenile Elephants for bathing with Elephants activity.  At the end of November 2012, Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment decide to implemented Malaysia Wildlife Act 2012. The implement the act cause the activity in Elephants Sanctuary was limited to two activity only. This is to minimum human contact with the Elephants.

Today, there only two activity we can do during Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour
  1. Video show about the Elephants relocation’s process done by Malaysia Elephant Conservation Centre
  2. Hand feeding
  3. Bathing with baby Elephants in the rivers. Bathing with Elephants in the Rivers fully depending on water level in the Rivers.

As animals lovers,  I am totally agreed and support the action taken by Malaysia Elephants Conservation Center in order to protect Malaysian wildlife. But implement of the act cause less tourist visiting the centre and affecting the restaurant operator who fully depending with tourist in Kuala Gandah. The implemented of the act does not end poaching and smuggling out protected animals from happen. I believe Government should utilize Malaysia Elephant Conversation Centre to educated public, not to buying any protected animals. Educated people how they can stop poaching activity by giving the information to local wildlife department. They can use the local guide, leaflet and video show to deliver the message.

The feedback I received from others tour operator who still conducted Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour, they being bombarded by unsatisfied comments. Please understand this is beyond tour operator control. For those who still interested and willing to accept limited activity during the tour, kindly write an email to me to discuss the trip program.

Our Standard Kuala Gandah Elephants Sanctuary Tour Itinerary:

  1. Complimentary Batu Caves Tour
  2. Kuala Gandah Deerlands
  3. Rubber Tapping Demonstration
  4. Lunch
  5. Video Show
  6. Hand feeding the Elephants
  7. Bathing with Elephants in the rives.
  8. NO Elephants Rides


Tour prices starting from RM220.00 per-person inclusive all entrance fees and meals as mentioned above. HO hidden cost, NO additional charges.






  1. Alison Lundgren says

    Hello Anur. I just read your post about the changes to the tour of the elephant sanctuary. I am currently in Kuala LUmpur with my husband and 3 children and we would like to visit Kuala Gandur and the Batu Caves on a day trip. I am looking for a private tour operator like yourself, partly because I would rather try to get to the elephant sanctuary before the crowds. My son and daughter would love to bathe with the baby elephants, but I understand this activity is not guaranteed. Would you be available to take us to Kuala Gandur (and Batu Caves if possible) on WEdnesday or Thursday this week? Many thanks, Alison

  2. Zoe Christensen says

    Hi Anuar,

    I am a travel agent that works for Flight Centre in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am traveling through Kuala Lumpur with two of my friends and we were wondering if you could help us organise a day tour that includes: Batu Caves, Elephant Sanctuary, Fireflies etc. I realise that you have had experiences with customers that have been upset with the elephant sanctuary, what is it that they get upset by? I realise that we will not be riding them but feeding them and bathing them sounds fun.
    The day that we would like to do this tour is the 4th of November as we leave early in the morning on the 5th.
    Can you advise if this is possible and what the cost per person would be?

    Many thanks,

    Zoe Christensen

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