Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Malacca – Entrance Fees and Tourist Guide

baba nyonya heritage museum malaccaBaba Nyonya Heritage Museum Malacca situated at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock also known as Heeren Street or Millionaire row. The museum actually is the house belongs to wealth Baba Nyonya family. The house was built somewhere 1895 during the British rules Malacca. Baba Nyonya house also known as Rumah Abu (Ancestral Home) was kept secret from the outside world until today. Most of the Baba Nyonya house have a size about 20 feet width and 180 feet long. Due of the length of the house, the air well was built at the middle of the house to allow a better air circulation.  The visitor is not allowed to take any picture or video recording during your tour to Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Malacca.

baba nyonya heritage museum malaccaThe idea to established  Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum came from Mr. Chan Kim Lay who has the opportunity to visit few museum at  overseas. Although his idea was opposed by the Baba Nyonya community for revealing the Baba Nyonya house to the public, it did not dampen his desire to share the history and the way of life of Baba Nyonya Malacca descent to the world. In here tourist able to see the original actual design and layout of the house, the mosaic and oil lamp was import from United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Victoria, Chinese Porcelain, Chinese traditional wedding ceremony and the fine art. We encourage tourist go for guided tour to better understand Baba Nyonya Malacca Culture rather visiting the Museum by own.

  • The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Opening Time
    • 9.00am – 1.00pm /2.00pm – 5.00pm (closed during Chinese New Year Festival for 3 days)
  • Entrance Ticket
    • RM12 per-person for Tourist
    • RM8.00 for local
  • Tips Visiting Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
    • Go there before 12.00noon. Free guided tour before the lunch break is around 12.05 pm. After lunch the museum will crowded with group from school children and foreign tourist.
  • Contact Number: +606-2831273



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