Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur – Tips For Dress Code, Opening Time, Entrance

Batu Caves situated in Selangor states. The distance about 15 kilometers from the North of Kuala Lumpur. Most of the tourist assume Batu Caves located in Kuala Lumpur. It got the name from a river called the Sungai Batu (Stone River) that flows not far from the main cave. A century ago, the surrounding area filled with dense forest. The Caves used as shelter by Malaysian indigenous people.

A century ago, the Batu Caves surrounding area filled with dense forest. Malaysian indigenous people from the tribe Temuan used the forest as a hunting ground. They hunt small mammals animals such as Porcupine, Mouse Deer, Wild Boar and Serama Chicken. They used the caves as a shelter whenever it’s rainy or wheater too hot for hunting.

Batu Caves History

Ganesh Temple Batu Caves
Ganesh Temple

The Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur temple history began when Mr. Kayaroganan Pillai got a dream.The mother of Murugan known as Goddess Amman asked him to build a temple for his son Kandan (one of the names of the 91 names of Lord Murugan) in the Caves. In 1888, the Vel was build in the main Caves. The founder Mr.Thambusammy and Mr.Kandappa Thevar started praying there. If tourist climb the stairs to the main cave, tourist can see the mouth of the cave has a shape like a spear form held by the Lord Murugan. 

Three years later (1891) the first Thaipusam festival was celebrated in Batu Caves. British District Officer in charge for Selangor States on that particular time Sir James instructed, the Vel Holy Symbol of Lord Murugan to be dismantled. This created a big issue among Tamil community in states of Selangor. However they won the case after the issue was filed to the court. Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves main aspect is to fulfillment of vows  by devotees who had their prayers answered by Lord Murugan. One of popular method of fulfillment of vows is by giving one hair to lord Murugan. The devotees from different stage of aged, women or man will be shaved bald their head. Another method is by carry the Kavadis from Batu Rivers bank all the way to the main cave. Estimated about 1.5 million devotees and tourist visited Thaipusam Festival in Batu Caves every year. Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves normally was held at end of January or early February. The festival last for few days.


Batu Caves
Lord Murugan Statue

Every day about 800 – 900 tourist from every corner of the world visited Batu Caves. Besides the 400 million years old Limestone Caves, the tallest Lord Murugan statues stood proudly at 42.7 meter  is a perfect combination for photo shoots. Lord Murugan statue was built by 15 Indian and 30 local sculptures. Its took about 3 years to built with the cost about 250,000 Malaysian Ringgit. Fully completed in 2005 and opening ceremony was done on 29th January 2006 by Dato Samy Vellu during Thaipusam Festival.  Others attractions can be found here are Long Tail Macaque Monkey, Dark Caves, Hanuman Statue, 6 meter limestone Stalactite and a Stalagmite in the main Caves. Fine craft of Hindu statues such Lord Ganesh, Saraswati Statue and Lord Shivan.

 Getting to Batu Caves

  1. Taxi Service – The fare depending on the type of Taxi you get and traffic condition. Some of the Taxi drivers charge flat rates RM40 – RM50 one-way trip. Taxi return trip usually cost around RM150 inclusive waiting charges. Tourists can consider doing Kuala Lumpur City Tour with Batu Caves visit.
  2. Train Komuter – from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station to the Batu Caves train station (last station). Ticket fare RM2.00 for single journey RM4.00 for return journey.
  3. Tour Package – To save time and money, tourists can get tour packages to Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour or Watching Fireflies in Kuala Selangor. Both tour inclusive visiting Batu Caves.

Tips Visiting Batu Caves

Rainbow Stairs
  • Opening Time: 0700am – 8.00pm (open daily)
  • Entrance Ticket: FREE
  • Best Time to Visit: Morning
  • Do not feed the Monkey
  • Bring mineral water only
  • Bring your own toilet paper

Dress Code

  • With effective from 12 August 2013, the Batu Caves Management Implemented New 6 Regulation
    • Dress Code For Visiting Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur:-
      • NO Short Pant and Hot Pant
      • NO Short Skirt Above Knee
    • Others Regulation:-
      • NO Pets Allowed
      • NO Spitting Around
      • NO Smoking in the area
  • Bring your own toilet paper



  1. Sundar raj

    Can you please tell , how many steps to climp up, is it tedious and how long it will take to reach the top. Thanks

    1. Hi
      Kindly read the whole articles you will find the number of steps.
      How tedious? Depending how fit and active your are.

  2. Hallo,
    Could You tell me how to get to Batu Caves from Port Klang ? Are in port taxis and how much it costs?

    1. We provide the service tour to Batu Caves from Port Klang

  3. Hi
    Are we allowed to take DSLR inside the caves?

  4. Avinash

    Could anyone please tell me what’s the foreigners entrance fees for Batu cave temple ?

    1. Hi
      Entrance is free.

  5. Hello Anuar,

    May I get your advise if it’s okay for me to visit with my luggage? Is there any safe deposit area? Thanks before!

    1. Hi
      Yes you can bring your luggage. But they do not have any locker. You have to carry the luggage.
      Its safe to keep the it in the car.

  6. Do the Batu Caves work at Christmas time in December? Especially, 26 or 27th of December

    1. Hi
      Batu Caves opened thru out the year.

  7. Matthew

    What is the reason for a dress code applied only to women? What is the issue with women showing there knees?

    1. hi
      It’s not about showing the knee; the dress code stated all women must wearing a pants or skirt until below the knee. Its required all women cover the leg until below the knee.
      The reason because some of the female visitor wearing a mini skirt, hot pants or shorts jeans that are too revealing their body part not suitable to local culture especially in Temple, Mosque or Church.
      The Male visitor subject to cover their leg until their knee if visiting Mosque and Church.

  8. Is it fine to wear sleeveless or cold shoulder maxi dress in Batu caves..also how is the weather in November

    1. Follow rules set by Batu Caves management, No Camisole and all female vistor required wearing Pants or Skirt until below the knee.
      Bring the umbrella.

  9. hi there, is it safe for foreign cars to park at the parking there?

    1. Yes it safe. The area equip with CCTV and security. Kindly park near to Batu Caves management main office.

  10. hi, is Batu Caves still open during first Hari Raya?

    1. Batu Caves open 365 days.

  11. Can i get my head shave at batu caves anytime or only on a certain date. Planning to go mid of next month.

    1. Go to barber shop if you want to have head shave.

  12. Mark Gil

    is flying drown allowed outside the batucaves?

    1. Hi
      So far I saw few people fly drone in Batu Caves, only from the outside of Caves not in the Caves.

  13. Hello, I am travelling to KL with a cruise for one day on January, do you think I could easily get a taxi to the Caves from the Port Klang? Or should I get by komuter? How do I get the tickets?

    Thank you

    1. Batu Caves situated about 66km or 1 hours driving from Boustead Cruise Terminal. Its more convenience if you get a return trip Taxi Service from Port Klang. Besides Batu Caves you also visiting other attractions in Kuala Lumpur such as PETRONAS Twin Towers, Independent Square and National Palace.

  14. Denice Cristin Bucur

    I planing to visit batu Caves on 10th July. I have not enough time, i only can be there around 5 pm. It is still possible to have a short visit in that hour? should I buy the thickets on line or on the site?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Batu Caves opened until 7.00pm. Basically you have an ample time to roaming in the Caves. No entrance fees or ticket required but you can donate to the temple voluntary.
      Make sure the female visitor wearing long pants or skirt until below the knee. Bring also insect repellent because Mosquito very active during dawn.

  15. Christos Poulakis

    But, in the video you have uploaded , many ppl are in shorts/short skirts. Does the rule you’ve mentioned really matter ?

  16. Robert Frank

    We are planning on visiting Batu Caves in May and have heard mixed things about the dress code. We want to be respectful. Is it acceptable for men and women to wear knee length shorts, closed toe shoes and short sleeved shirts that cover the shoulders?

    Please let us know as we do not wish to offend.

    1. Hi
      For Batu caves dress code, tourist are required to wear skirt or pants at least until below the knee. The dress code applied for a female visitor only. Besides skirt or pants, tourist also can use Sarung, Towel or Jacket to cover their leg. To be on the safe side, wear a shirt covers the shoulder. Batu Caves temple management also provide a Pario for rental RM3.00 per-pieces.

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