Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor

Bukit Malawati Kuala SelangorBukit Malawati Kuala Selangor or Malawati Hills is well known stop for tourist who going for Fireflies tour from Kuala Lumpur. Malawati hills witnessed by the ongoing conflict between the Selangor Malay Sultanate with others Malay Kingdom especially Sultan Perak, including with the Dutch and British for 105 years.


Bukit Malawati  History

dutch cannon bukit malawatiThe history of Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor started in 1766 when the first Sultan Selangor, Sultan Salehuddin use Malawati Hills as his command centre due its strategic location situated at the highest ground. The hill is a perfect spot to track the movement of the ship using Strait Malacca and Selangor River.

The long dispute within Sultan Salehuddin with Perak Kingdom and Dutch in Malacca was followed by his son, Sultan Ibrahim. Sultan Ibrahim is promoting smuggle activity a Tin from Perak to Selangor. The Tin later was sold with their own to the British traders from India at the market prices after disagree with the arrangement within Sultan Perak and Dutch. The agreement stated Sultan Perak agreed to sell Tin to Dutch at the fixed prices, to cover the naval expenses patrolling the strait Malacca to enforced their highly regulated trade policy.

The summit of the dispute Dutch attack Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor in 1784 and rename the port to Fort Atlingsburg forcing Sutan Ibrahim fled overland from Selangor to Pahang. In 1785, Sultan Ibrahim returned using a same path and expel Dutch from Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor.

In July 1871, during the Selangor Civil War, HMS Rinaldo shelled the fort at Bukit Malawati to eliminate the power of Raja Mahdi after British trading ship sailing from Penang to Perak has been an attack by piratical.


Why Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor Popular?

silver leaf monkey bukit malawati kuala selangor10 years ago, most of the tour guide who conducted Kuala Selangor Fireflies tour did a stop at Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor as part of tour package. That time we only talk about the history of Bukit Malawati. Bukit Malawati also is a resting place for Silver Leaf Monkey that live in the surrounding jungle. Some of local and foreign tourist start feeding the monkey. When time passed a new generation of Silver Monkey get use with the human contact, they become tame from the eyes of a tourist. Today besides the long history of Bukit Malawati, tourist more eager to feed the Monkey rather hear about the history.

Attractions in Bukit Malawati Kuala Selangor




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