Central Market Kuala Lumpur

central market kuala lumpurCentral Market Kuala Lumpur is located just a few meters from the Klang River in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre. At the beginning of its initiation in 1888, Central Market function as a wet market, to supply of daily goods for tin miners around Kuala Lumpur and Ampang. It location close to river facilitate delivery of essential goods from Klang, Klang is the former capital city for Selangor.

In 1930s, Central Market through a process of renovation, the permanent building as what we see today was build. Due the rapid development of Kuala Lumpur, 1970s Central Market survive from been demolished due intervention by Malaysian Heritage Society to preserved Central Market as Heritage Site. In 1985, Central Market Kuala Lumpur has transform to have a new look and extension building was built at the back of Centrel Market in 1986.

Using a Hawkers concept, today Central Market Kuala Lumpur playing a role to introduce local industry such arts and craft to local and foreign tourist.


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