Christ Church Malacca

christ church malaccaChrist Church Malacca was built by Dutch during their 180 years occupied Malacca. They started built the church in 1741 and fully completed 12 years later. Today, Christ Church Malacca was known as the oldest Protestant Church in Malaysia. During the constructions of Christ Church Malacca, Dutch had to use Saint Paul Church situated at Saint Paul Hill. Not like Portuguese, Dutch more prefer to built their building on the flat area rather on the hills similar terrain in Holland. The site was selected because it’s near to Stadhuys Building (the Dutch Administration Centre) and first cross street where most of Dutch official residence  situated.

If you visit the Christ Church Malacca, you will notice several of Portuguese tombstone slap with Portuguese and Latin language has been use as church floor. This is evidence the persecution took place to Portuguese people during dutch rule Malacca. As stated in Malacca history, Dutch not allowing Portuguese people to own Church and cemetery.

The church was turned to Anglican Church in 1795 when British temporary took over Malacca from Dutch. In 1838, Christ Church Malacca was officially because Anglican Church until today. 




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