PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets Online Purchase

Before I elaborate more about PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets, here some facts about the procedure for visiting the PETRONAS Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation Deck for your reference.  PETRONAS Twin Towers entrance tickets is limited, estimated only 880 pieces ticket issue daily. The earliest entrance ticket at 900am and last entrance ticket at 815pm, total operations hour is 11 hours. Due of security reason, each hours only 80 people are allowed to visit the Sky bridge and level 86.

Petronas Twin Towers Ticket
Sample Petronas Twin Towers Ticket

PETRONAS Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation deck only able to handle 40 visitors at one time. Groups of 80 people will be divided into two small groups, 40 visitors in each group. The difference visiting time for each group is 15 minutes. Every PETRONAS Twin Towers tickets has a single visiting time, the visiting time visitor can select as long it still available from 9.00am to 815pm.

If you missed your time slot for some reason, talk to officer in-charge. They might help you to slot in to empty places if still available.


How to book PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets?

Petronas Twin Towers Tickets Counter
PETRONAS Twin Towers Ticket Counter

There is few ways tourist can book the PETRONAS Twin Towers tickets.

  1. Buy directly from the PETRONAS Twin Towers tickets counter. Special discount prices for senior people aged 55 above, those with wheelchair and Infant below 3 years old. Please be there early, around 0730am.
  2. Buy Petronas Twin Towers Ticket Online from official website.
  3. Buy a Kuala Lumpur City Tour packages from local tour operator that comes with visiting Sky Bridge and Observation Deck.
  4. Unofficial online ticket – Tourist can arranges the ticket to be deliver to the specific Hotels with additional charges.


Can I book the PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets Online?

Yes, you can book the ticket online, but some of the website offering online ticket purchase was not officially from PETRONAS Twin Towers Visiting Centre. Tourist will able to get the ticket without queuing in the early morning by using the online reservation service provided on the website. Service charge ranges within RM50 – RM40 per ticket apply. Use Google to search the website.

How Much the PETRONAS Twin Towers Ticket Prices?

Due overwhelming demands the ticket prices has been increased for few times in last three years. Currently the ticket prices as below,

  1. Adult without MyCard: RM80 per person
  2. Children Prices: RM30 per children aged 3 – 11 years
  3. Adult with wheelchair: RM40 per person

FREE ticket NO longer available.

PETRONAS Twin Towers Sky Bridge and Level 86 Observation Deck visit is closed for every Monday and few days during Eid Fitri.

Ticket Counter Opening Hours

  • 0900am – 730pm – tourist is suggested to be at ticket counter early if plan to visit PETRONAS Sky Bridge and observation deck on the same day to avoid disappointed.

Pron and Cons Purchase PETRONAS Twin Towers Ticket Online



  1. Ticket and time slot is secure
  2. NO waiting in queues
  3. Save money and transportation



  1. NO Refund
  2. Any change of date or time base on discretion senior officer on duty
  3. Not eligible for special prices if tourist is a senior citizen or with wheel chair
  4. The Credit Card owner must present to collect the tickets, its can very hassle for tourist or local if they bought a ticket for friend or family.



PETRONAS Twin Towers Official Tickets Booking Website Common Problem.

Lately, I received quiet number of inquiry about the problem facing by Tourist to book the ticket online using official PETRONAS Twin Towers Website.
For Android OS, if reader using Firefox browser on your mobile phone or tablet. This warning might appear.

petronas twin towers tickets
Untrusted Connection from PETRONAS Twin Towers Official Website

How to solved the problem? The only way I can help my reader by suggest  follow this steps. Open Firefox Browser -> Menu -> Setting -> Privacy -> Clear Private Data. You may use this technique with others Browser such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer either desktop or IOS IPhone and IPad.

PETRONAS Twin Towers Tickets
Step Clearing Private Data on Firefox Browser

Once you completed the step try again open the browser. Tourist should able access to PETRONAS Twin Towers Official Tickets Booking Website. If not success, wait for few hours. Do the same steps as above.

Petronas Twin Towers Tickets Online
Secure Connection to PETRONAS Twin Towers Website

The main problem its could be SSL not proper install to the server. GOOD LUCK.


 Note from Editor:

Articles about Petronas Twin Towers Tickets for Sky Bridge Tour is only for tourist reference. We are NOT the agents, dealer or representative for PETRONAS Twin Towers Management. All the inquiry about the ticket either online booking or over the counter should be address directly to PETRONAS Management by visiting their official website or ticket counter. Currently the PETRONAS Twin Towers online booking works well with Internet Explore 8 and above.

Booking system also works well with Safari Browser and Chrome Browser from IPad. From Android user may experience ‘Untrusted Connection’ notification.


Others Reference for Tourist

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  1. Hi,I have purchased twin tower tickets for my guests online using my Debit card, And They Are Coming From India,however i will not be travelling with them..Will there be any problem when they visit the twin tower?

    1. Hi
      Kindly print the ticket and ask them to bring along during their visit.

  2. Hi.. where will the tickets be delivered?

    1. Hi
      You can collect the ticket at PETRONAS Twin Towers ticket counter 30 minutes before your entrance. Bring along this document.
      1. Credit Card you use to buy the ticket
      2. Transaction receipt


  3. Hello Mr Anuar..
    I have no questions since I live here in KL. But I have read your article and responses you have given to people. I want to thank you and applaud your efforts for making people and tourists aware about the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers. Great job!!!!!

  4. Subba Rao

    Can I book tickets with my friend credit card? He is not accompained with me.
    Or suggest the other procedure to purchase the ticket online.

    Or If i get the authorization letter from my friend, Can I use to book the ticket?

  5. Murtuza

    Hi,I have purchased twin tower tickets for my guests online using my credit card, however i will not be travelling with them..Will there be any problem when they visit the twin tower? I have been trying to call the twin tower ticketing office for over 2 weeks now, but no one answers the call, it goes to the mailbox.

    1. Yes, your guest will having a problem to get a ticket. The PETRONAS Twin Towers required the ticket buyers has a proof. They want to see your credit card and your name tally with the booking system. The best suggestion I can give, be there with your guest, get the actual ticket before handover the ticket to your guest.

  6. svetlana

    My husband and I are coming from Australia to Malaysia next Monday !
    If we buy tickets online for Petronas towers can we pay at the hotel?

    Svetlana .

    1. Hi
      All the ticket booking process for Sky bridge and observation deck visit was handled by PETRONAS Twin Towers official website. They will ask to make a full payment before they block the time slot for you. Even if you book the ticket from unofficial website (NOT Recommended) they will ask you to make a full payment first due the policy by Petronas Management not allow any refund.

      Thank you for stopover.

  7. Hi Anuar,

    Thank you for your info above.
    Just for convincing me, if i book the petronas ticket via online RM 80 each, does it include visiting skybridge and observation deck?
    And abt visiting time, when i book at 8 pm, could i also visit skybridge and observation deck?
    Or what best time will you recommend to us?
    Looking forward for your response.
    Thank you.

    1. The detail of the PETROANS Twin Towers sky bridge visit and observation deck its already been discussed widely on this articles. Kindly have a look the comments and the articles.
      For further info kindly call the PETRONAS Twin Towers Management Office at +60 (3) 23318080.

  8. hi Anuar,

    Thanks for the info above.. just i’m a bit confused abt the ticket sales though..can u explain why some sites saying the tickets to skybridge are for free? and can i go to both skybridge and observation deck with a single ticket?or shud i purchase two different tix? thanks..hope to hear from you soon:)

    1. Hi Nadja
      The PETRONAS Twin Towers Skybridge ticket was free about 4 years ago. Some of the website or Forum not updating their info for long time.
      The ticket you buy will be covering visiting Twin Towers Skybridge and level 86 observation deck.

  9. Hi Anuar,

    Once I have bought tickets from the website, do we still have the risk of standing in a long queue? I ask because one in my party has a disability & struggles to stand for long periods. We are going in March & intend to arrive around 10am.


    1. Hi Lucy,
      Once you book the Petronas Twin Towers ticket online, you just need to be there at least 15 minutes early. If you get a ticket around 10am, try to be there around 945am to reconfirm the ticket.

      Thank you for stopover

  10. hi Anuar. I read on a website somewhere that you can get free tickets to go up to the sky bridge if you go early in the morning. Is this still true? if so what time do you have to go and where? many thanks

    1. Hi Omar,
      About 5 years ago, yes the PETRONAS Towers Ticket is free. Maybe you need to consider informed the webmaster to remove outdated information.

  11. Chandrasekhar

    Hi Anuar. Can I buy Petronas Twin Towers ticket online , on my credit card for my Friend ? I will not be accompanying them.
    The online purchase website says ” The ticket(s) can be purchased by the Credit Card owner only.” The meaning is not clear.

    1. Hi
      Yes you can buy the ticket for your friends.
      Its means you must use your own credit card to purchase the ticket, sometimes people borrowing the credit card from their wife or family member to use buy a ticket.

  12. Hi Anuar, thank you for such a comprehensive article. You mentioned a RM50-RM40 surcharge for the ticket. Does that mean that a ticket for non mykard holder is RM130?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Zoe,
      The PETRONAS Twin Towers Sky Bridge ticket prices for Non My Card holder or non Malaysian as below
      1. Adult – RM80 per-person
      2. Children below 12 years RM30 per-children
      3. Senior Citizen above 55 years RM40 per-person
      You can get the ticket at the PETRONAS Twin Towers counter or you can buy it online.
      The additional charges is only apply if you wanted to book the ticket thru third party. They will charge additional RM30 – RM40 per-ticket. But some of the agent charges flat rate RM60 – RM80. Its all depends when you booked the ticket.

  13. Piyush Jain

    Hi, we are visiting Kuala lumpur on 24th December. 2013 Can you please guide at what time slot, should we book the Petronas twin tower tickets for?

    1. Hi
      You have two option to choose the best time to visit PETRONAS Twin Towers Sky Bridge and level 86 observation deck.
      1. Try to get a ticket in early morning before 11.00am – normally the weather was clear in this time great for photo shooting. The best place to take photo of Petronas Twin Towers from the KLCC Park near the children playground.
      2. Get a ticket around 6 – 7 pm for sunset view. But its a bit risky due Kuala Lumpur city normally had a rain at late afternoon. The best place to take a photo is at the front of Twin Towers. If you have a camera with time lapse function will be great.

      Thank you for stopover

  14. Any recommend site or local tour agent on unofficial Twin Tower tickets sales. I’ve been google ing but to no available…. Yes I should search longer.. I love to be spoon fed.

  15. Ansul Jain

    I am planning to visit Malaysia in Feb. What should be the good time slot to visit Petronas tower in month of Feb ?

    1. The safe time is in the morning 10am – 12noon. But the best time is in the evening after 7.00pm to see the sunset and the fountain show at KLCC Park from the level 86. Please take note as tropical city, Kuala Lumpur it might be raining in the evening.

  16. Asrani Amar

    We total 6 persons from India would like to buy tickets on line for 5th December 2013 , please suggest how to buy these tickets. we would like to have dinner there.

    1. Hi Asrani,
      We not selling Pertonas Twin Towers Ticket, the link to online ticket you can find by click at orange highlight words.

      I am not sure if they provided any dinner. Only Kuala Lumpur Towers provide a dinner about RM198 per-person.


  17. Hi Anuar, do we need to pay if we queue for the tickets early in the morning? I remember the tickets were given free last time. How much does it cost now? Thanks.

    1. Hi Janice,
      Yes, you have to pay to get a ticket. The detail of the PETRONAS Twin Towers ticket prices you can find it on the articles above.

  18. Sampurna

    Kindly tell me how to book petronas tour tickets

    1. Read carefully, the link to PETRONAS Twin Towers online ticket is on the orange color words.

  19. Wé are in kuala lumper for 2 nights from thé 5 november would it be possible to book tickets for petronas towers thank you Ricky mellish

    1. Hi Ricky,
      The link to Petronas Twin Towers online ticket system are available. Kindly click highlights words with orange color.

      Thank you

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