Kuala Lumpur Airport Transfer by Taxi, Buses, Train or Shutter Buses

kuala lumpur airport transferKuala Lumpur Airport transfer is among the highest request I received during my 4 years work as private tour guide.  The main reason I am not conducting  Airport transfer due time consuming for waiting especially when the flight has been delay for few hours. Here is the guide how to do Kuala Lumpur Airport transfer for tourist reference especially if you are the first timer.


Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal.

In Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur international airport known as KLIA. Situated about 50km or 45 minutes drive south of Kuala Lumpur. KLIA has two terminals, known as KLIA main terminal for premium airlines and LCC Terminal designated for Air Asia hub or low cost carrier terminal. The LCC terminals will be replaced by KLIA2 located about 2.3km from the main terminal with effective 1 May 2013. The distance between KLIA main terminals to LCC Terminals about 20km from each other’s. Regardless which terminal you landed, either KLIA, LCC terminals or KLIA 2 terminals, all has similarity to process Airport transfer to Kuala Lumpur or to others part of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Airport transfer by Taxi

Taxi is the faster and easier method to arrange Airport transfer from both terminals. Even though, the prices were slightly princely RM80 to RM90 one way, the journey took about 45 minutes to your Hotel in Kuala Lumpur without taking any others mood of transportation. The Taxi fare is according to drop off area. Prepaid voucher system is used for Taxi service in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The ticket you can get it at the designated counter usually located at arriving terminal. Always ask for budget Taxi if you travel alone or pair. Once you bought the coupon, the Taxi coordinator located outside from arriving terminal will assist the tourist to get in the Taxi. Taxi service available 24 hours.

Kuala Lumpur Airport Transfer by KLIA Express

Currently the KLIA Express only available in KLIA main terminal and soon in KLIA 2. Travel time around 23 minutes from KLIA man terminal to KL Sentral. Once you arrive in KL Sentral you need to take Taxi or LRT to your final destination in the city. Perfect if you travel alone or in couple and your Hotel situated near to KL Sentral. KLIA Express available from 5.00am – 11.30pm. Ticket prices RM35 per person.

Kuala Lumpur Airport Transfer by Bus

kuala lumpur airport transferOnly available at LCC Terminal and extremely popular to Air Asia passenger due it cheap and  tourist can buy a ticket in the plane or online together with Air Asia tickets. It is the  slowest method to do Airport transfer. Tourist also able to buy a ticket when boarding in the Bus. Bus station located just a few meter from arriving terminal. One of the bus service operator known as Air Asia Sky Bus is managed by Air Asia, connecting LCC Terminal to KL Sentral Station and LCC Terminal to One Utama Shopping Mall.

Ticket prices RM9 from LCC Terminal to KL Sentral, RM10 from KL Sentral to LCC Terminal. Available from 3.00am to 10.00pm from KL Sentral, 7.00am – 2.45am from LCC Terminal

Kuala Lumpur Airport Transfer /Transit within Two Terminals

For within terminals transfer if you have flight transit the best is getting a Taxi service. If tourist has a plenty of time to spent get a special bus service, but it can hassle if you have large luggage to carry around. Bus will be packed during rush hours.


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