Kuala Lumpur Tower

Kuala Lumpur Tower is situated at Bukit Nenas, amidst a forest reserve within the business hub of the city. Standing at 94 meters above sea level and 282 meters high. Kuala Lumpur Tower has been recognized as the 6th tallest tower in the world and the second tallest in Asia.  Kuala Lumpur Tower architecture was designed by Kumpulan Senireka Sdn Bhd. It unique design, incorporating the Best and West era architecture, reflecting the Malaysian culture and its Islamic heritage. Detailed designs for Kuala Lumpur Tower commenced at end 1991 and infrastructure construction started in May 1992. The concrete structure of the tower shalf was ready in October 1993. The Tower was open to the public on 23 July 1996.

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Designed as a telecommunication tower for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Tower is equipped with new technology to meet the requirements of increasing telecommunications demands in the country. Due to its enormous height, Kuala Lumpur Tower has a major advantage over other telecommunication building. It can provide wider reception field for programmers throughout Klang Valley and services such mobile phone and paging system.

Kuala Lumpur Tower has become a major tourist attraction. Tourist flocks to enjoy the serene view of the city from the first and second levels of the Public Observation Platform and the Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant. The two express lifts transport visitor up to the observation level at 276 m above the ground level within 60 seconds. Here, the visitor can see the day and night scenic view of the city. The Upper Ground Floor offers the visitor an array souvenirs and local handcrafts while light refreshment is also available.

Kuala Lumpur Tower will be established as a focal centre for international and local cultural activities, art and crafts. The tower will become  new sources of pride for Malaysian and a measure of nation’s progress towards vision 2020.


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