Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour

To do the Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary tour, tourists need to travel to Kuala Gandah situated about 110 km from Kuala Lumpur. Its fully managed by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. The main objective to take care of orphaned and injury Elephants. The department is also responsible for relocated wild Elephants from natural habitat to the national park when the conflict within human and Elephants happen.

Information About Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Activity

All the activity program in Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is a part of the daily Elephant exercise. The Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks take the initiative allowing the public to participate during the Elephant training. The activity is only available once a day starts from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm to prevent Elephants from getting stress. Tourist needs to be there at the right time. To maximize the time during Malaysia Elephant Tour tourists can visit other attractions.

Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour Itinerary

Instead of wasting time waiting for the activity to start at the Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary tour, tourists can do one or two other things in the morning. Tourists also can consider a combination tour with Watching Fireflies in Kuala Selangor. Doing a combination Elephant and Fireflies tour on the same day saves time and money. I also doing One Day Trip to Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur.

Pick up and Drop Off Detail

  • Pick up Time: 0900 am
  • Meeting and drop off point: Hotel main entrance/ private residential
  • Tour Duration: 8 hours inclusive travel time

Visiting Batu Caves

Situated about 15 km from Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves the best attraction to visit before we were heading to Kuala Gandah for Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour. One hour in Batu Caves should be sufficient to climbing 272 steps and roaming in the 250-meter long Cathedral Caves. The main highlight in Batu Caves is 43 meter Lord Murugan statue and the pot shape donation box, also known as the biggest donation box in the world. The rainbow color staircase and long-tail macaque will make the visit to Batu Caves more memorable.

batu caves visit
Murugan Statue, Rainbow Staircase and Colourful Temple in Batu Caves

Kuala Gandah Deerland

After Batu Caves visit we traveling to Kuala Gandah. It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the second destination Kuala Gandah Deerlands. Established since 2002 by Mr. Abdullah, Deerland had few types of Deer, Bird, Python and small mammals. After the Deerland visit we had lunch in a local restaurant before continuing our Malaysia elephant sanctuary tour.

Notice About Lunch

Situated in a rural area restaurant in Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary does not provide any Western Food. If a tourist comes with the Children that very particular about the food, we advise tourists to get Mc Donald food. Kindly advice the guide what the best option before traveling.

Video Presentation

Before we handover our guest to a nature guide. Tourists can watch a 30 minutes Video on how the Department of Wildlife did an Elephant translocation. After the video presentation, the sanctuary nature guide will be taking over the responsibility of the Malaysia Elephant tour until the end of the activity.

Cleaning Elephants Demostration

cleaning elephant in the river

The Elephant in the sanctuary is free-roaming in the jungle nearby. To prevent bites from the mosquito and other insects. The Elephant covers its body with the mud. The Elephant keeper knew as Mahout has a responsibility to make sure the Elephant under his care clean and free from any disease. During the Malaysia elephant sanctuary tour, tourists able to see how the Mahout clean their Elephant.

Informative Demostration

malaysia elephant sanctuary tour
Elephant Keeper Climbing Elephant

In the Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary, all the Elephant has to go thru a few basic training. The training to help the sanctuary to do a regular medical check-up on Elephant and during the translocation process. The trained Elephant will show you some tricks that have been trained, including lying down and pulling the iron chain.

Notice About Informative Demostration

Please take note of the informative demonstration it’s not an Elephants show. Do not expect to see Elephants playing football or drawing the picture.

Feeding The Elephant

kuala gandah elephant tour
Feeding Adult Elephant

During the Malaysia Elephants tour, the tourist had an opportunity to feed and taking a photo with the Adult Elephant. Tourists should take a chance to touch the Elephant trunk during the feeding time.

Bathing with Elephant

malaysia elephant sanctuary tour
Tourist Bathing with Elephant

The main highlight of the tour is bathing with the Elephant. At these moments, the Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary management limits the number of people who can participate in bathing with elephants to 30 people only. Tourist is advised to book the tour in advance or come during weekdays.

Bathing with Elephant Activity

Subject to the water level in the river and final words for sanctuary management.

Malaysia Elephant Tour Booking

Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour Q&A

Can Tourist Do The Batu Caves Tour on Others Day?

Unfortunately No. All the list of activity on the itinerary we do it on the same day.

Tourist Already Visit Batu Caves, Can They Replace with Others Activity?

The only option is visiting the Royal Selangor Pewter. Otherwise, we start slightly late on the tour day. No discount is given because of the Batu Caves visit is a FREE tour.

Can You Guarantee Tourist Can Bathe with The Elephant?

We can’t guarantee because of the bathing with Elephant activity subject to weather conditions.

Do You Offer Shared Tour or Seat in Coach Tour?

The main problem with the shared tour is the driver had to pick up another passenger at a different Hotel. Its time consuming because not all tourist had excellent punctuality and the traffic condition. Our objective to give the best tour experience. The only way to achieve it by conduct the tour privately. We do accept semi sharing.

When The Best Day To Do Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary Tour?

We prefer to do it on weekdays. On the weekend the Sanctuary too crowded with local tourists.

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