Malaysia National Museum

malaysia national museumMalaysia National Museum was built on the former site of Selangor Museum had collapsed due to bombardment by alliances air forces during the second world war. Shortly after Malaysia gained independence from the British government had appointed an architect named Mr. Ho Kok Hoe to design a museum that has a design like an old Malay palace. The new Museum was officially opened in 31 August 1963 after 4 years construction.

The Malaysia National Museum, consisting of the a large central entrance hall flanked by two exhibition wings, is given the appearance of being raised above the ground on piles. The gable of the entry hall features the Tebar Layar a two part, sloping ventilation space. Below this, the window and decorative panels are based on traditional open work wood carving. The murals illustrating Malaysian historical events and culture in the style of batik painting complete the decoration of the 362 foot long main façade.

Museum Opening Time: 900am – 6.00pm daily except first and second Eid Fitri

Entrance Ticket:

  • Foreign Tourist (Adult) :RM5.00
  • Local Visitor (Adult) :RM2.00


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