Kuala Lumpur Taxi Service

Taxi in Kuala Lumpur city is known as TEKSI. The most popular public transportation in Kuala Lumpur among the Tourist and Business People because it’s fast, efficient, and the fare consider cheap compared with others city. Although Kuala Lumpur Taxi service was rated as the worst Taxi service in the world by Londoncabs, not all the Taxi drivers have a bad attitude as mentioned in the articles. Plenty of Taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur try to earn money in an honest way and with dignity. No doubt there are a handful of part-time taxi driver who charges excessive fares to tourists. Some of the issues arise because the bad traffic condition and unprofitable route.

For Tourist before holding your hand out to get a Taxi, read the articles below to understand price structure for taxi service in Kuala Lumpur.

Type of Kuala Lumpur Taxi Service

Budget Taxi Service

Can be recognized using Malaysian made Sedan Car by Proton with Red and Blue or Green color. The most popular mode of transportation among local and foreign worker.

Kuala Lumpur Public Transportation
Kuala Lumpur Taxi
  • Kuala Lumpur Budget Taxi Fare
    RM3.00 for first kilometer,
    RM0.10 cents for additional 115 meter.
    Fixed Price for Airport Transfer from Kuala Lumpur City RM90/Midnight Charges after 1200 midnight for Airport Transfer RM135.oo
    Midnight Surcharges 50% from 1200 midnight to 0600am
  • Pros and Cons
    Pros – Cheap and fast. Door to door service without hassle walking to station.
    Cons – Budget Taxi has bad reputation for reckless driving, refuse using a meter, detouring and absent during rush hours. Limited space in Taxi boot because half of space used for keep NGV Gas tank. Other complain, old Taxi and not well maintained.


Taxi Executive

Can be recognized using Japanese SUV vehicle such Toyota Innova or Nissan Serena. Taxi Executive known as Blue Taxi among Malaysian. The main objective Blue Taxi exist as alternative Taxi service for Tourist. Blue Taxi fare double compared with budget taxi making it only used by Tourist and Business People. The Blue Taxi normally stations in Hotel and Shopping Mall such Suria KLCC.

Kuala Lumpur Taxi
Kuala Lumpur Executive Taxi
  • Kuala Lumpur Taxi Executive Fare
    RM6.00 for first kilometer
    RM0.10 cents for additional 100 meter
    Fixed Prices for Airport Transfer from Kuala Lumpur City RM150.00 /Midnight Charges after 1200 midnight for Airport transfer from Kuala Lumpur RM225.00
    Midnight Surcharges 50% from 1200 midnight to 0600am
  • Pros and Cons
    Pros – Taxi executive has very good reputation for clean and  spacious passenger compartment suitable for Western Tourist
    Cons – Very expensive for long distance or stuck in massive congested. Taxi driver tends to drive over the speed limit.


Tips Using Kuala Lumpur Taxi Service

  1. Avoid travel during rush hour. The best time to get a Taxi in the morning before 8.00am or after 09.30am. In the evening before 4.00pm or after 8.00pm.
  2. Always insist Taxi driver using a meter unless tourist has no others option.
  3. Always ask for return trip if traveling outside of Kuala Lumpur city. The prices are much expensive but better than stranded in the unfamiliar area.
  4. Always write down the Taxi number and Taxi company name. The best if tourist can get a driver name card for reference.
  5. Book Taxi using Radio Taxi service at least two hours earlier if tourist need to travel during rush hours. (Additional charges RM2.00 apply)
  6. Alternative mode of transportation service such hired private tour guide if tourist need to do a tour in Kuala Lumpur City or outside Kuala Lumpur





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