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Pahang State History

Situated in the East Coast part of Malaysia or about 250km from Kuala Lumpur, Pahang state is the third biggest states in Malaysia after Sabah and Sarawak. Covering about 36,000 km square with less than 1.5 million population, most of the areas in the states its covers by thick premiere and secondary rainforest. According to the history, Pahang state gets its name from Mahang Tree that grow along Pahang riverbank, while Chinese people name it as Pong Fong.

Pahang State already established long before Pareswara opened Malacca. In those days Pahang state under the Srivijaya and Majapahit empires.The early history of the state of Pahang government is established by Raja Muhammad, son of Sultan Mansur Shah that rules Malacca from 1459 – 1477. Like other Malay states, Pahang state is inseparable from the internal and external conflicts that affect the governance system.

The first conflict within Pahang State with others kingdom during the Sultan Ahmad Shah (brother of Sultan Muhammad) became the second Sultan of Pahang. Sultan Ahmad Shah very upset after his fiance Tun Teja has been kidnapped to Malacca for married with Sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mahmud Shah. The incident cause, Sultan Ahmad Shah was succeeded by his son Raja Mansur. Raja Mansur, still very young not able to rule the Pahang State. Raja Jamil, son of Raja Muhammad, was appointed as acting of Sultan Pahang. Raja Jamil took the stand befriend with the government of Malacca. His action become associate with the Malacca Kingdom, enable the Malacca Kingdom to help Pahang State beat Siam Kingdom attack.

From  the established of first Pahang Kingdom in 1470 till 1511, Pahang State administrator has been the shadow by Malacca kingdom. Malacca fell to Portuguese in 1511. The last of Sultan Malacca, Sultan Mahmud shah stop at Pahang to get protection from Portuguese attack. His took an opportunity to married Raja Mansur with one of Princess from Kelantan State. When Raja Jamil past away in 1512, Raja Mansur had to administrator the Pahang state alone. Later, his was killed because has incest relationship with his stepmother.

Throughout the 16th century, Pahang and Malacca exile government situated in Johor works together against the Portuguese. The relationship does not last when Sultan Abdul Kadir Shah rule Pahang. He decided to built relationship with Portuguese in Malacca.

When Sultan Abdul Ghaful rule Pahang in 1519 – 1614, Pahang Kingdom involves in conflict with Dutch and Aceh Kingdom. To break the Aceh strike, Johor Kingdom had to ask help from Portuguese in Malacca. Portuguese who wishes to conquer Pahang state, took this opportunity to interfere Pahang Kingdom administrator by appointed Sultan Johor Prince Raja Bujang as Sultan Pahang after Sultan Abdul Ghaful past away instead his son. For 22 years, Pahang has to build a good relationship with Johor Kingdom to oppose Aceh Kingdom.

Sultan Iskandar Thani son of the first Sultan of Pahang has become the ruler of Aceh intend to return to Pahang. The Johor ruler does not like the presence of the power and influence of Aceh in Pahang State. In 1638, Johor in the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah III attacked Pahang. After the death of Sultan Iskandar Thani, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah appointed his cousin as Raja Bajau as acting Sultan of Pahang. Appointment of Raja Bajau officially makes Pahang become part of Johor Kingdom colonies.

Pahang Government is in the Johor-Riau-Pahang Empire be forced to follow orders by Sultan Johor to against Raja Kecil from Siak (Indonesia). Towards to 18 century, Bugis (from South Sulawesi Island Indonesia) start building their quarters in Riau. Bendahara of Pahang (Sultan adviser) seek help from the Dutch and the English to banish the Bugis from Riau.  In 1770, Tun Habib Abdul Majid became the first Pahang Bendahara. The power of Bendahara significant increased where Bendahara has an authority to enshrine the Sultan. Besides that Bendahara also act as plenipotentiary to the Sultan. The current Sultan Pahang states heritage came from descent Bendahara Seri Maharaja Tun Habib Abdul Majid.

Pahang state become part of Malaya in 31st August 1957.







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