Cameron Highlands History and Things To Do

Cameron Highland Brief History

Cameron Highlands situated about 209 km from or 3.5 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. The history of the largest hills station in Malaysia was started in February 1885 Sir William Cameron with local expert Kulop Riau start the mapping expedition and exploring Titawangsa Range. The expedition start point from Kinta Perak was traveling to Gunung Chabang using a Horse and Donkey. Standing at 1524 meters from the top of Gunung Chabang, Sir William Cameron can see a number of Plateaus situated in Titiwangsa Range vicinity ranging 1300 – 1800 meter from sea level. After the expedition end in December 1885, the Hill Station was left untouched. The information Sir William Cameron discoveries about Plateaus could not be given to the British Authority in Singapore when Sir William Cameron died due of over-medication.

In 1925, fourth year later, another expedition was led by Sir George Maxwell to find the Plateaus mentioned by Sir William Cameron. Due the stiff terrain not suitable for Elephant to transport supplies, Sir George Maxwell used Tapah Area instead in Kulim as started point. British eagerly to continue the expedition on the Titawangsa Range to find a suitable area for growing a crop. That time, British had to import most of the Vegetable and fruits from neighboring country such Thailand. The population in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore increased suddenly when British company brought in large number foreign worker from China and India. After completed the expedition, the conclusion was made the Plateaus has potential for farming and others development. The Hill Station was divided to few one for farming, residential and recreation. Later the Hill Station name was changed to Cameron Highlands to honor Sir William Cameron as the first explorer.


Things To Do for One Day Trip in Cameron Highlands

For One Day Trip in Cameron Highlands, here is the list things to do tourist can consider. If the tourist stay for two days one night in Cameron Highlands split the activity to two part. Please take note some of all the activities such visiting Mossy and Berinchang Mountain is subject to weather condition.

1. Tea Plantations Tea Factory

Cameron Highlands
BOH Tea Shop

Visiting Cameron Highlands is not complete if tourist not visit Tea Plantation. Tea in Cameron Highlands originally was brought in from India by British and Indian Businessman. There are six Tea Plantation owned by two Tea company. BOH Tea is having three plantations known as BOH Tea Plantation Sungai Palas, BOH Tea Habu and BOH Tea Plantation Fairlie. Bharat Tea Group Company is having Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation 34 Miles, Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation 30 Miles and as Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation Kuala Terla.

2. Mossy Forest and Berinchang Mountain

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest and Berichang Mountain can be access by road or jungle trekking. The road in very bad shape, not suitable if tourist driving with Sedan Car. In Mossy forest a walking platform was built by Forest Department for tourist enjoying the local flora. Berichang Mountain situated about 2035 meter suitable for enjoying the rainforest in Titiwangsa range. Both area not suitable to visit during heavy rain, thick fog and weekend. Inexperience local tourist driving to Mossy Forest often causing congestion and minor accident.

3. Butterflies and Insect Garden

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands Butterflies Garden

If tourist visiting Cameron Highlands with Children, Butterflies Garden is the best places to entertained them. The Butterflies Garden is the house for few reptile such Snakes, Gecko and Insect. If tourist came at the right time, tourist would able to hold some of this insect.

4. Local Pickers – Time Tunnel

Cameron Highlands
Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands

Time Tunnel is not a Museum; its belongs to local pickers who collected almost anything related to Cameron Highlands since his young. If the tourist interested to learn about the Cameron Highlands progress and the mystery the missing James Thompson, this is the right place. Currently, Time Tunnel has about 3000 item including signboard, toys, teaching tools, kitchen tools and old vinyl records. Some of the old photos contribute by British Officer station in Cameron Highlands in late 50s..


5. Cameron Highlands Markets

Steam Corn and Sweet Potatoes in Market
Steam Corn and Sweet Potatoes in Market

There is few market tourist can visit in Cameron Highlands. One of the popular market that open every day is Kea Farm. Besides selling local vegetable and fruit tourist, can try steam Corn and Sweat Potatoes. Vegetable prices in the market are about 25% lower than in Kuala Lumpur.

 6. Pick Your Own Strawberry

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands Strawberry

Besides Tea, Cameron Highlands also popular with Strawberry fruits. The Strawberry was planted commercially for jammed. Most of Strawberry plantation open for public to visit with entrance fees around RM30 for half kilo Strawberry.

7. Aboriginal People

Camewron Highlands
Senoi Aboriginal People in Cameron Highlands

Senoi aboriginal people in Cameron Highlands believed has established in Titiwangsa Range since 4500 years ago. Although some of the young generation of aboriginal people moved to a nearby town or works in plantation. There are a huge number of aboriginal people that were still hunting and collecting nature resources such honey in Titiwangsa Range forest. British army utilise the aboriginal trekking skill during Malayan Emergency to hunt Communist guerrilla. Tourist will able to see how the aboriginal people use the blowpipe for hunting.


Things To Do for Three Days in Cameron Highlands

Here suggested things to do tourist can do if stay for three days or longer. The list things to do here is not suitable for Children

1. Watching Rafflesia Flowers

Cameron Highlands
The Biggest Flowers in The World – Rafflesia Flowers

To see the biggest flowers in the world know as Rafflesia flowers, tourist need to walk in the uneven forest landscape around 1.5 hours each way. This activity is not suitable for Children and elderly people. Watching Rafflesia flowers activity only suitable if tourist stays in Cameron Highlands for three days and longer. After the tour, all your shirt and pants will cover with the mud. Tourist needs an extra one day just to do cleaning and resting. Local tour operator in Cameron Highlands normally will bundle the tour with Jungle Trekking and Blow Pipe demonstration by aboriginal people.

List things to do in Cameron Highlands can be a success if tourist is visiting on weekdays. During the weekend, school holiday or major public holiday in Malaysia, it’s much more difficult to cover all the attraction mentioned above due of road congested and crowded. To gain a good tour experience in Cameron Highlands tourist is advised to plan their holiday in advanced. Please refer to this articles Malaysia Public Holiday 2015 – The Best Time to Visit Malaysia to get an idea the best time to visit Cameron Highlands.



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