Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center Kuala Gandah Pahang

Malaysian Elephant Conservation center previously was known as Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary situated in Kuala Gandah Pahang about 110km from Kuala Lumpur. Its was 100% managed by Malaysian Government under Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Established in 1989, Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center main objective to translocate Malaysian Elephants to Malaysia National Park. The translocate process was done since 1974, to minimise the conflict within the human and Elephant. Besides that, the Conservation Center also a home for orphanage and baby Elephant that separated with theirs herds.

Malaysian Elephants is categories as Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus) that much smaller than African Elephants. Local people called Elephant as Gajah. Gajah derived from the Sanskrit word meaning thunder.

Activity in Malaysian Elephant Conservation

Malaysian Elephant Conservation center is opened for public to visit every day except during Eid Fitri and Eid Adha. Visitor is required to register their name in conservation office before entering or participate with an activity with Elephants. The best time to visit Malaysian Elephant Conservation center is around 12.30pm because all the activity start at 1.00pm. The whole activity with Elephants only last for 2.5 hours as part of Elephants daily exercise and training.

Entrance is free. Visitor is encouraged to make a small donation to help the conservation center providing a better facility to Elephants.
Bathing activity required tourist to engaged the nature guide to assist tourist during bathing activity. Please refer to local nature guide desk situated in registration office.


1. Documentary Show

Malaysian Elephant Conservation
Video Show Auditorium

The 30 minutes documentary show how the Elephants relocation process by conservation staff. The full air conditioner auditorium with sitting capacity 100 people is the first activity tourist can do in Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center. Here, tourist will understand the actual threat facing by Malaysian Elephants and action took by Malaysian Government to protect the Elephant. The documentary only available two times a day at 1.00pm and 1.30pm on a weekday. During weekend three show available started at 12.30pm.

2. Washing Elephants Demostration

Malaysian Elephant Conservation
Conservation Staff Cleaning Elephants

The actual activity in Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center started around 2.20pm. Elephants in Conservation center was released free in the nearby forest before the training session. Elephants used a mud to covers them self from insect and sunlight. It is the responsibility of the Elephant Mahout to ensure Elephant under their supervision remain healthy. Here, tourist able to see how the process cleaning of Elephant by Mahout in nearby rivers.

2. Informative Demonstration

Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center
Elephant Standing with Two Leg

Do not expect any circus show when visiting Malaysian Elephant Conservation center. The Elephants was trained to be tame with certain skill to help the staff to treat the injury or sick Elephants. Some Elephants was trained to assist the staff to come down a wild Elephants during the translocation process.

3. Feeding and Photography with Adult Elephants

Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center
Feeding Adult Elephant

After informative demonstration, visitor will allow to feed the Adult Elephants. The staff will demonstrate a proper way to feed the Elephant before the activity start.


4. Bathing with Junior Elephants

Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center
Bathing with Elephants

The highlight of activity in Malaysian Elephant Conservation is bathing with Junior Elephants. The activity is subject to weather condition, water level in the river and current in a river. Bathing with Elephant activity is limited to 100 people a day. Tourist are advised to make arrangement with nature guide for bathing activity during registration.

 5. Lactating Baby Elephant

Malaysian Elephant Conservation
Lactating Baby Elephant

The youngest baby Elephant in Malaysian Elephant Sanctuary aged seven month (dated 29 Nov 2014). Part of the objective of Elephants Conservation center to educate the public about Malaysian Elephants, visitor has an opportunity to taking a photo and lactating the baby Elephant.

6. Riding Elephants

Malaysian Elephant Conservation
Riding Elephant in The Rivers

For last few years, lots of new laws have passed by Malaysian Parliment. One of the laws is to protect the endangered Malaysian wildlife such Elephants. The effort to minimise human contact with Malaysian wildlife, the riding with Elephants has stopped with effective from October 2012.

Others Facility

  1. Restaurant – Two restaurant available in Malaysian Elephant Conservation center. Both serving limited menu, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle and mix rice. Tourist are advice to make arrangement with restaurant owner if planning to bring large group few days in advance. Tok Uban +60199415435
  2. Toilet and Changing Room
  3. Convenient Store
  4. Surau (praying room)

Others Attraction in Malaysian Elephant Conservation Center

  1. Kuala Gandah Deerland
  2. Aboriginal Village from Sok Mek Tribe

Malaysian Elephant Conservation Tour from Kuala Lumpur can be found by following the link.

Address and Contact:

National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC)
Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP/PERHILITAN)
Kuala Gandah, 28500 Lanchang
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 609-2790391
Fax: 609-2790398


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