Melaka River Cruise Need to Improve Their Service

malacca river cruiseMelaka River Cruise is  essential attractions in Malacca, the service been question due nothing has been done even the ticket prices has increased from RM10 to RM15 per-person. I had been conducted Malacca day trip quiet few times recently. Franky speaking I am extremely frustrating with Malacca River Cruise management handling the situation especially on a weekend and public holiday. The management did not learn anything from the past to handle the situation, for your information Malacca River Cruise has been operating more than 10 years.

A good example yesterday, I sent my guest to experience Melaka River Cruise they have to wait almost 35 minutes. When we reach at Cruise Jetty around 10.00am located at Muara Melaka Rivers there about more than 80 people in the queue. At that time only two boat available. End up my guest has to stand there for almost 35 minutes waited for the next boat. There  is no proper queue system, even they provided a bench for people to sit seem no one interested to use it worry their spot  will be taken by others.

The tent they provided not enough to support the large number of people,  some of passenger had to queue outside the tent expose them under the direct sunlight or rain. I did not understand why certain part of the tent is reserved for the staff. The ticket counter staff did not have any courtesy explaining the situation to the customer. No proper timetable for boat especially during weak day.

The most annoying things at Melaka River Cruise are a photo session, the staff at the photo booth mostly foreigner forcing a passenger taking a photo and blocking the flow of the queue.

To improve their service the Melaka River Cruise management should address this issue by taking this action

  1. Recruit more boat man either as full time or part time to support the current team
  2. Set a proper time table for boat especially during weak day
  3. Train a ticket counter staff to be more customer oriented attitude
  4. Install a proper queue system during the peak season, where passenger not able to cut a queue

I really hope the Melaka River Cruise management can improve the service to attract more people to experience the boat ride along Malacca river and understand Malacca history.


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