historical malacca tour from kuala lumpur
One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur
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One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur


One day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur activity required walking for few kilometer and climbing a step. All passenger must have able-bodied (strong and able to walk without assistant). Not recomanded for Children below 6 years old.

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Our Standard Tour Policy

  • Privately Organized Tour
  • Short Cancellation Notice 12 hours
  • Best Tour Itinerary
  • Full Payment by Cash on Tour Day Accepted


We have the most comprehensive and the best one day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur packages. The site visit and itinerary was handpick to give the best tour experience in Malacca World Heritage City. Malacca was well known as the first international multicultural city due its function as entraport.  Our one day Malacca day tour program is privately organized to give the flexibility and productive tour versus the buses tour.

For tour start from Malacca – please choose Malacca as pick-up point.


Before proceeding your booking, we seek your cooperation that 

  1. All passenger must have able-bodied and able to walk without any assistant for 6km under hot and humid weather condition.
  2. All passenger must able to understand the English language. Live commentary in English language only. We are not able to provide any translator. 

One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur Key Feature


  • Privately Organized
  • Longer tour duration
  • Low deposit payment
  • Simple and fast booking system


  • The cheapest online booking prices
  • The most comprehensive tour program
  • Short cancellation notice
  • Flexible deposit payment



One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur Activities


  • 35± minutes Malacca River Cruise
  • Stop visit to Saint Peter Church
  • Stop visit to Saint Paul Church
  • Stop Visit to Harmony Street (Kampung Kling Mosque, Cheng Hoon Temple, Sri Payyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple)
  • Stop visit to Malacca Island – man made island


  • Malacca Baba Nyonya Heitahe Museum (1 hour guide tour by in house guide)
  • Ample time for roaming in Jonker Street and First Cross Street History
  • Stop visit to Dutch Square


One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur Packages


Prices Inclusive
  • All transportation charges
  • Fully Air Conditional Vehicle
  • English Speaking Driver/Guide
  • Malacca River Cruise Ticket
  • Baba Nyonya Museum Entrance Fees
  • Sultan Malacca Replica Place Ticket
  • FREE WIFI on selected vehicle


NOT Inclusive
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Alcohol Beverages
  • Travel Insurance



Pick up Time and Point Detail

To ensure the tour run smooth and success, we need cooperation from our guest to be punctual and ready for the tour without requiring to stop for breakfast. Any additional stop during traveling to Malacca will cause us to reschedule all the tour program. If a tourist required a stop for breakfast, the tour would start at 0700am. Please communicate with us to make arrangement for early pick-up.

  • Pick-up Time: 0730am – Respective Customer Hotel or Private Residency
  • Meeting Point: Kindly wait at the Hotel main lobby near to main entrance.
  • Drop Off Point – Same as pick up point unless customer requested to be drop off at different location

One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur Itinerary

 The summary of Malacca tour from Kuala Lumpur we covering during the tour. Not all the facts and detail of the site we published online to protect our copyright.

The detail of 450 years Malacca history from the reign of Pareswara until Malacca became part of Malaysia will be explain before we reach Malacca.

1. Saint Peter Church Malacca

One Day Historical Malacca Tour from kuala lumpur
Saint Peter Church Malacca

Malacca tour from Kuala Lumpur first site visit is Saint Peter Church. Saint Peter Church had a reputation as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia and recognized as one of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. After more than 300 years, the Church still became an attractions point for Catholic devotees from neighbor country such Philippine and Singapore to celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We unable to visit this church if the Malacca day trip were conduct on Sunday due Church Sunday service.

2. Strait Malacca Mosque – Man Made Island

One Day Historical Malacca Tour
Strait Malacca Mosque

Our next destination is Malacca Island. This is a man-made island has an area of 256 hectares is expected to be completed by 2020. There are three goals we come here. First, to give sightseers the opportunity to see up close views of the longest and busier in the world known as Malacca strait. Second to introduce big Island, the big island situated 3 km from mainland become the main stopover for Chinese traders to get fresh water and firewood. During Malacca was governed by sultanate of Malacca, Pulau Besar was utilized by traders as a resting area waiting their turn for docked at Malacca Port. Third – for a photo opportunity of Malacca Strait Mosque.

3. A Famosa Malacca

One Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur
A Famosa Malacca

One of the most photographed monument in Malacca is the wreck Porta De Santiago fortress main gate. Situated at the foothills of saint Paul, A Famosa fortress was built to be the bastion of Portuguese to curb attacks from by local people to retake Malacca city. The fortress mainly was constructed using Literate stone obtain from Upeh Island and surrounding. The initial fortress build by Portuguese has a 3 meter thick walls and 40 meter high watch tower. The fortress in badly appearance when Dutch attacking Malacca in 1641. After successful invaded Malacca, Dutch sent a skill worker from Batavia to rebuild the fortress. In 1795, British demolishes the fortress worry its used as a base to strike the British position in Singapore and Penang.

4. Replica Sultan Malacca Palaces

Replica Sultan Malacca Palaces

To understand the Administrator system applied during Sultanate of Malacca we do a stop visit at the Replica Sultan Malacca palaces. According to Chinese traders, the palaces of Sultan located near to Malacca Hills (also known as Saint Paul Hills). The palaces were built according the Malay Annals when Sultan Mansur Shah governed Malacca from 1456 till 1477. The unique about the Palaces, its was built without using a nail. Besides that tourist also will able to see the traditional cloth, wedding ceremony cloth, Malacca legal system and sentences on criminals. Model of Sultan Malacca Palaces had a measurement 74meter long and 18meter wide official open by Malaysia Prime Minister in July, 1985.

5. Saint Paul Church

One Day Malacca tour from Kuala Lumpur
Saint Paul Church Malacca

Situated on the highest point in Malacca City, St Paul Church has the best view of the strait of Malacca and Malacca river. Its was built in 1521 by merchant Duarte Coelho, dedicated it as Church of Our Lady of the Hills. Once its completed the chapel became the main attraction by passing traders and seafaring to make an offering and vow before continue their journey. In line with the presence of the Portuguese to expand Christianity, the chapel was entrusted to Jesus of Society in 1549. In 1567, the chapel has transformed became the Church known as Annunciation. During the Dutch controlling Malacca, Dutch temporary used the Church until Christ Church completed in 1753. British used the Church as a warehouse to storage the gunpowder and ammunition.

5. Dutch Square Malacca

Dutch Square Malacca

Dutch have a different approach developing Malacca where they prefer to build their buildings and houses on the flat ground and next to Malacca river. Two important landmark belongs to Dutch known as Christ Church and Stadhuys situated in Dutch Square Malacca. The Stadhuys (Town Hall) building fully completed 1650 to served as Dutch Governor Administrative Center until 1824, but served as Governor residency until British took over Malacca. Today, the Stadhuys was turned into the Museum of History and Ethnography. The Christ Church was constructed in 1753 took about 12 years to constructed. Both world has its own unique design whereby Portuguese well recognize for its romantic and chivalrous style while dutch has staid and commercial look.

With effective from 17th February, 2014. We NOT offering lunch as part of tour packages to giving more flexibility for our guest to choose their favorite lunch to try. Anyhow we still assist our customer by recommended the good place to have a lunch.

6. Harmony Street Malacca

Kampung Kling Masjid

The actual name for Harmony Street is Jalan Tokong (Tokong Street). The main reason their called Harmony Street because all three main religious of Malaysia Islam, Buddhist and Hindu situated on the same street. The oldest Chinese temple Cheng Hoon Teng was build in 1646. The temple was founded by Chinese Kapitan Tay Hong Yong, at the time Cheng Hoon Temple also functioned as Chinese Court of Law to solved dispute within Chinese community. Kampung Kling Mosque was built in 1748. Kling is Tamil speaking Indian Muslim community. Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi was built in 1748 belongs to Chitty (Hindu-Indian) community. All the temple and Mosque was build after Portuguese power expulsion by the Dutch.

7. Jonker Street

Jonker Street MalaccaJonker Street (Nobleman Street) – the street name is only exist during Dutch ruled Malacca. Its was name Jonker Straat. Due its located near to Stadhuys, Jonker Street and First cross street became the main choice to Dutch officer and traders to built their settlement. The original building was build by timber has tear down by Dutch to prevent a consistence fire happen in Malacca city. Dutch also required all the new building on Jonker Street must be build specifically according to Dutch standard. The standard including the size of bricks, position of window and drainage system. The first brick building on Jonker Street was built in 1673 known as Harbour Tallhouse that still can be seen until today.

8. Heeran Street

Heeran Street Malacca
Heeran Street Malacca

Heeran Street was also known as Gentleman street or millionaire row. Originally the settlement situated at the seaside with a magnificent view of Strait of Malacca. In1980 the massive land reclaim destroying the seaside view. Due its location facing to Strait of Malacca, this area became the premium lot in Malacca since Dutch ruled Malacca. On Heeran Street also situated Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum belongs to Mr. Chan family. Baba Nyonya community also known as Peranakan or Strait Born Chinese. Fully guided tour will be provided by in house guide. This is a private Museum were photo and Video recording are not allowing.

9. Malacca River Cruise

Malacca River Cruise

Finally, we take a Malacca River Cruise to relax while enjoying the historic scenery along Malacca River. The boat ride estimated took about 35 minutes comes with per-recorded commentary about the history every site along Malacca River.



End of One Day Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur




Malacca Tour from Kuala Lumpur Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • Q: Why your Malacca day tour packages prices, its much more expensive compare with others tour operator?
  • A: First of all, the tour is privately organized. Second we combined all entrance in the prices. Our tour program begin very early, we ending the tour later compared with our competitor.
  • Q: Can we start the from Malacca then transfer to Kuala Lumpur or Airport?
  • A: Yes we can, choose the pickup point at Malacca in drop down booking system.
  • Q: Do you offer Mandarin Speaking Tour Guide?
  • A: At this moments we do not have any Mandarin Speaking Guide.
  • Q: What happen if I not able to complete the tour? Can I get refund for unused time or sites?
  • A: We straight away return to Kuala Lumpur. NO refund for unused time or unable to visit the site.
  • Q: Why you not offering the Historical Malacca Tour for children below 4 years old?
  • A: From our experiences, children below 4 years might not enjoying day tour due the comprehensive tour program we have. We suggested tourist take 2 days 1 night tour program.
  • Q: Why your Malacca Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur start very early?
  • A: Some of the Hotel situated at the most busiest street in Kuala Lumpur. We start early to avoid the morning rush hours.


Things To Bring

  1.  A Good walking shoes
  2. Sun screen
  3. Hat or Cap


Additional information

Pickup Time on Weekdays


Pickup Time on Weekend


Tour Duration:

0730am – 5.30pm including travel time


Not accessible by wheel chair, No suitable for Children below 5 years. Passenger must able to walk for 5 kilometer without assistant.

Payment Option

Tour deposit 10% by Pay Pal or Credit Card. The balance of payment by cash will be collect on the tour day before commencing the service.

Kuala Lumpur Pickup Area

All Hotel and residency located in following area – Kuala Lumpur City Center, Bangsar, Brickfield, Mont Kiara, Sentul, Pantai Dalam, Kerinchi,

Bandar Sunway Pickup Area

All Hotel and residency located in following area – Sunway Lagoon, Subang Jaya, Monash University, Subang Parade Surrounding Area, USJ SS15 – USJ SS17, Holiday Inn Glenmarie Subang

Bukit Jalil Pickup Area

All Hotel and residency located in following area – Old Klang Road, Taman Sri Petaling, OUG, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, Bukit Komanwel, International Medical University

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    Dear Anuar
    This is just to say how much my friend and I enjoyed our trip to Malacca yesterday (Tuesday) with Bala. We found him to be an excellent guide – very knowledgeable and considerate.
    We hope it did not appear rude when we abandoned the car in the traffic jam close to our hotel in the evening when we returned but it seemed to make more sense. Once again many thanks for an excellent day.

    Kind regards.
    Deirdre Byrne

  2. Susie and David Verryt

    Hi. We took the tour with your wonderful driver Bala (sorry if the spelling is) on the 29th January to Malacca . My husband had a really great day. Your driver was very attentive, polite and full of knowledge and pride in your wonderful country.
    We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we want to give you a great review on Trip adviser but we found that your business is not registered there.
    May I suggest that you register your business with Trip adviser site so that other people may know about your tour and experience you off. Thank you again and please pass our compliments on to Bala.
    Regards. Susie and David Verryt

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