Melaka One Day Trip


Melaka one day trip from Kuala Lumpur will bring tourist to the first international city in Malaysia

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For first-time tourists visiting Malaysia, you might be interested in knowing how Malaysia became so rich in culture and customs. To get the answer, you have to make the Melaka one day trip. Melaka is the only city in Malaysia colonized for over 500 years by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. One of the exciting facts about Melaka is that a Hindu prince from Palembang established the monarchical system used in Malaysia today.

Melaka Day Trip Itinerary

A road trip to a historical site in Melaka from Kuala Lumpur takes about 1.5 hours. So in order we reach Bandar Hilir before 9.00 am we need to start the tour as below:

Pick-up Time

  • Pick-up time on weekdays: 0730 am
  • Pick-up time on weekends: 0730 am
  • Meeting Point: Hotel or private residency in Kuala Lumpur city.
    Kindly prepare yourself in the hotel lobby or main entrance a few minutes before the pick-up time.

Pick-up Area

  • Kuala Lumpur City
  • Sunway City
  • Damansara Area
  • Sepang Area – Pick-up time 0700am

Melaka one Day Tour Package

We decided not to include lunch during the Melaka day trip to give tourists the freedom to try different types of food available on Jonker Street.

  • All transportation charges
  • Entrance Ticket
    • Melaka River Cruise
    • Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
  • Mineral Water
  • Meals
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses

Special Requirements

All passengers must have able-bodied. This tour is not suitable for children because it involves walking and climbing stairs.

List of Activity

Melaka one day trip from Kuala Lumpur is the most complicated historical tour on our day trip list. As a leading private tour guide in Malaysia, we want our customers to enjoy and learn the effect of culture clash in Malaysia. To facilitate tourists’ understanding of Malaysia’s history, we handpicked only the best attraction in Melaka, which has unique and historical value. Melaka day trip activity involving visiting the Unesco World Heritage site consists of ancient temples, churches, and museums.

Some particular attractions in Melaka might not be available during the major festival, such as Chinese New Year. So please check my articles on the best time to visit Malaysia.

Saint Peter Church

We start our Melaka day trip by visiting Malaysia’s oldest functioning Roman Catholic Church. Saint Peter’s Church symbolizes tolerance and harmony for the Melaka people. During the construction in 1710, the building material for the church was donated by locals who had a different beliefs. In addition, a Dutchman named Amryber Franz Amboer donated a piece of land situated outside of the central administration area.

Special Notes:
Tourists need to dress modestly to visit this church.

Saint Peter Church Melaka
The Oldest Catholic Church in Malaysia build in 1710

Melaka River Cruise

Your one day trip to Melaka considers not complete if tourists do not try the Melaka river cruise. The 35 minutes boat rides along the Melaka rivers will bring tourists to see settlements built during the Dutch rule along the Melaka River.

During the reign of the Malacca Malay and Portuguese kingdoms, Malacca was a center of trade in herbs and spices. As a result, hundreds of warehouses and markets along the Malacca river. The situation changed when the Dutch took over Melaka, a warehouse made of wood destroyed by a large fire. The Dutch decided to build a settlement area made of bricks because the function of Melaka as a port had been taken over by Batavia.

Melaka one day trip
Riverside scenery of a cruise crossing by the Melaka River. It has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage City

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is the first private museum in Malaysia. Located on Heeren Street or Millionaire Row, built in the Dutch era. Originally the museum was the residence of a businessman named Chan Cheng Siew. This house is unique because the two-story home has three different units connected. In 1985, the fourth generation of the Chan family made a private museum open to tourists.

Here tourists can learn how the clash of two cultures through marriage creates a new generation that is more tolerant by adopting both cultures.

Melaka Baba Nyonya Museum

Harmony Street

Before we stop for lunch, we continue our day trip to Melaka by visiting harmony street. Although harmony street is located on Jalan Tokong, it is given the title because there are four religious places here. Emphasis is given to two religious places, the Kampung Kling Mosque and the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, listed on the Unesco World Heritage site.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

It has a reputation as the oldest functional Chinese temple in Malaysia. Cheng Hoon Temple was founded in 1645 by Chinese Kapitan Lee Wei King. The construction of this temple took almost 159 years because it was done in stages involving three Chinese captains. The building material for the temple is mainly imported from southern China. The temple measures 49,520 square feet, and the site of the temple was donated by Captain Lee Wei King.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple practices a system of three doctrines of Taoism, Confucianism, and Chinese Buddhism.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple Melaka
The beautiful ancient architecture design of the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple in Melaka old city.

Kampong Kling Mosque

Built in 1748, the Kampong Kling mosque is the third mosque built in Melaka after the Dutch government gave concessions to construct a house of worship. Interestingly, this mosque lies in its architecture, influenced by Sumatra and Chinese architecture, even though it is owned by Indian Muslims. This mosque does not have a dome but instead uses the concept of a three-story roof that looks like a pyramid. While the design of the minaret has the element of Pagoda.

Kampung Kling Mosque
Kampung Kling Mosque has a multi-tiered roof rising like a pyramid instead of a dome.

Jonker street

After lunch, we continue our Melaka day trip by strolling along Jonker street. The best place to get a souvenir or try local desserts such as Cendol or Coconut shake.
The Dutch government established Jonker and Heeran Street in 1678 as a new suburb prime position for the Dutch community and well-to-do people. As a result, Heeran and Jonker street is the first terraced house in Malaysia.
Dutch community had to leave Melaka after Dutch and England signed Anglo-Dutch Treaty in 1824. This agreement split the Malay archipelago into two. The Dutch controlled the whole of Indonesia, while the British controlled the whole of Malaya and Singapore.
The Chinese business community took an opportunity to buy the property in Heeran and Jonker Street, a well-known prominent location.

Melaka Day Trip
Jonker Street in old Melaka town, a popular destination with tourists for restaurants and shopping

Notable Historical sites

The second part of a Melaka day trip covers the historical site legacy by the Dutch and Portuguese. All these historical places were selected based on the historical value that makes Melaka unique compared to other states in Malaysia.

Christ Church Melaka

The Christ Church Melaka is the oldest functional Protestant Church in Malaysia. Built in 1741 and fully completed 12 years later (1743). Christ Church was built to commemorate the success of the Dutch occupation of Melaka for 100 years. Before the construction of the church of Christ, Dutch used Saint Paul Chruch located in St. Paul Hills, which was built by the Portuguese.
The decision to build the Christ church on the current site was made after a comment made by a Dutch East Indies Company diplomat named Joost Schouten. It is challenging to hold daily service because St. Paul Church is located on the hill. Traditionally, Dutch are more comfortable living on level ground than on hills.
In 1838, Christ Church was officially consecrated for Anglican use until today.

Melaka Dutch Square
Dutch Square or Red Square in Melaka


Stadhuys, which means (State House) was built in 1645. It was built on the site of the former residence of the Portuguese Governor. The Stadhuys building was specially built as the center of the Dutch administration containing the official residence of the Dutch Governor, a warehouse, a prison, and a bakery.
The main factor is that it was built on the former official residence of the Portuguese Governor to eliminate the Portuguese influence in Melaka. The second factor is because it is close to Jonker and Heeran Street.

Stadhuys Melaka
Stadhuys Building in Melaka

Saint Paul Hills

Located at the highest point in the old city of Melaka makes, it a strategic place to monitor the movement of merchant ships. Bukit St Paul is the only place used by all the governments that ruled Melaka from the Malay kingdom of Melaka to the British occupation.
In 1521, a Portuguese captain named Duarte Coelho built a church on St. Paul’s hill. He called the church “de Nossa Senhora de Outeiro” as a token of gratitude for surviving a pirate attack in the South China Sea. Then it was handed over to the Society of Jesus, who built the church as it can be seen today.
The whole story of St Paul’s church and the mystery of losing a hand on the statue of St. Francis Xavier will be told during a Melaka day trip by your tour guide.

Saint Paul Church in Melaka
St. Francis Xavier Statue in Bukit Melaka

Porta de Santiago

Porta de Santiago is one of the gateways to the fortifications built by the Portuguese. After successfully conquering Malacca from the Malacca Malay Kingdom in 1511, Captain Alfonso Albuquerque ordered a defensive fort to be built around the old city of Malacca to protect the Portuguese from the attack of the Sultan of Malacca.
The fort managed to protect the Portuguese for 130 years. Finally, the Portuguese in Melaka had to surrender to the Dutch in 1641. With help from the Sultan of Johor, Dutch besieged Melaka for almost 3 months, causing both parties to suffer from Malaria and other diseases.
In 1807, the English East India Company signed the order to destroy the fortress, The intervention by Sir Standford Raffles during his visit to Melaka in 1810 managed to stop further destruction.

A Famosa Melaka
Famosa is a Portuguese fortress located in Melaka, Malaysia. It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia

Straits Melaka Mosque

Our Melaka one-day trip from Kuala Lumpur itinerary end at Strait Melaka Mosque. Here, tourists can see the busiest and longest strait globally, covering about 900km.

Straits Melaka Mosque
Beautiful sunset over the Melaka Straits Mosque or Masjid Selat.


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