Taman Negara Cameron Highlands


2Days 1Night Taman Negara Cameron Highlands combines the two best nature tours, Taman Negara dan Cameron Highlands into one most productive trip.

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What are Taman Negara Cameron Highlands tours?
If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, a visit to Taman Negara National Park and Cameron Highlands should be on your itinerary. Taman Negara is the country’s oldest and largest national park, covering an area of over 4343 square kilometers. It is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including some of the oldest rainforests in the world. On the other hand, Cameron Highlands is a highland region located in the state of Pahang, known for its tea plantations and cool, refreshing climate.

The Taman Negara Cameron Highlands itinerary aims to provide the most efficient and productive trip suitable for fast-path tourists with little time. So whether you’re a nature lover, a tea enthusiast, or just looking for a unique and memorable experience in Malaysia, read on to learn more about these incredible tour packages.

Besides a combination tour, we also offer a Taman Negara day trip from Kuala Lumpur

Main Features

  • 20% cheaper than travel agent’s rates
  • Cost-effective! no requirement overnight in Taman Negara
  • Accept payment by Credit Card and Pay Pal

Best Time To Do Taman Negara Cameron Highlands

Choosing the right day to go is one of the most important criteria for a good tour experience. The best time to do the Taman Negara Cameron Highlands tour as below

  • Taman Negara and Cameron Highlands peak season – JUN, JULY, and AUGUST
  • Every Monday – the BOH Tea plantation closed.
  • Every Friday – Taman Negara Canopy Walk is closed.
  • The best time to do the Taman Negara Cameron Highlands tour is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Special note about Saturday and public holiday
Most of the hotels in Cameron Highlands are fully booked, and the rates are much higher. Kindly contact me if tourists plan this tour during the public holiday.

Taman Negara Cameron Highlands Tour Packages


  • All transportation charges
  • Taman Negara local nature guide fees
  • Taman Negara Entrance and Permit
    • Camera
    • Taman Negara entry permit
    • Canopy walk entrance
  • First-day breakfast
  • First and second-day lunch
  • Cameron Highlands Tour Entrance
    • Time tunnel museum
    • Butterflies Garden


  • Alcohol beverages
  • Dinner
  • Accommodation/Hotel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses

Tour Itinerary

First Day

  • Pickup Time: 0500 am
  • Lunch in Jerantut Town
  • Meet and Greet Nature Guide
  • Registration
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Climb Bukit Teresek
  • Canopy walk
  • Rapid Shooting
  • Visiting Indigenous village
  • Continues rapid shooting
  • Lunch
  • Transfer from Taman Negara to Cameron Highlands by road (5 hours)
  • Drop-off at Cameron Highlands

Second Day

  • Pickup Time: 0930am on a weekday/ 0800am on a weekend
  • Visiting Sungai Palas BOH Tea Estate
  • Visting Butterflies Garden
  • Visiting Time Tunnel Museum
  • Visiting Bharat Tea Plantation
  • Visting Lata Iskandar Waterfall
  • Option to drop off in Kuala Lumpur/ KLIA or Penang

Taman Negara Cameron Highlands Q&A

What is our refund policy?

We have the most simple cancellation policy.

What is the most cost-effective way to get from Taman Negara to Cameron Highlands?

Public transportation, such as bus or e-hailing service from Taman Negara to Cameron Highlands, does not exist.
Here are the two best options tourists should consider

  1. If tourists are staying in Taman Negara for a few nights, try to arrange transportation to Cameron Highlands with a local tour operator in Taman Negara.
  2. Another option is taking the Taman Negara and Cameron Highlands tour packages from Kuala Lumpur, which include transferring to Cameron Highlands after completing the activities in Taman Negara.

Am I allowed to travel from Taman Negara (Station) to Cameron Highlands?

Yes, you can travel to travel. In specific weather conditions, typically in December, the road to Cameron Highlands had to close due to a flood.

What is the distance between Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan)?

The distance between Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara is about 255km or 5 hour drive.


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