stadhuys malacca

stadhuys malaccaStadhuys Malacca means City hall. Stadhuys Malacca was built by Dutch in 1650, 9 years after they capture Malacca from Portuguese. Even Dutch don’t have any plan to use Malacca as their main operation hub in Asia but they remain in Malacca almost 180 years before lost Malacca to British in 1824 during Dutch revolution attempt to overthrow the Dutch Monarchy system. The Stadhuys Malacca building it believed among the oldest Dutch building that still survival until today. It was used as administrative hub then it was use as Governor Residents until early 1800s. When British took over Malacca from Dutch, British also use Stadhuys as their Administrative centre.

Currently the Stadhuys Malacca has been used as Historical and Ethnography Museum.

  • Entrance ticket RM10 per-person, open daily from 900 – 500pm



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