How to Get The Best Potential From your Tour Guide in Kuala Lumpur

My articles “How to Get the Best from your tour guide in Kuala Lumpur” based from my experienced conducted the private tour guide in Kuala Lumpur for last 5 years. Tour guide in Kuala Lumpur was trained to give the information and the history of the site you visit. No matter the experienced or the best tour guide you engaged its impossible to satisfied every tourist because everyone has different expectations. Some other factor that obstruct tour guide to give their best service came from tourist attitude before and during the tour.

tour guide in kuala lumpur
Tour Guide Interactive with The Tourist

This article are not indent to find anyone fault. The better understanding between the tour guide with their guest will create harmony and excellent tour experience.


Six Things That Spoil Mood of Tour Guide in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Late for pickup  –Most of Kuala Lumpur tour guide live outside the city. They woke up around 530am every morning just to make sure they not late to do a pickup. It‘s very disappointing some of the tourists from the some country totally not punctual during the pickup time. If the tourist late for 5 minutes we still can tolerate, but if more than 30 minutes its consider rude. That means that the particular tourist does not respect the tour guide. Please understand most of the Hotel in Kuala Lumpur had small foyer with limited space for waiting. During the peak hours 8 -10am, tour guide are not allowed to park their vehicle at the Hotel foyer. End up the tour guide has to make a few round over and over again or park the vehicle somewhere else. All the tour operator in Kuala Lumpur provided a Hotline number for tourist to contact. Inform your tour operator that you need more time to prepare at least half hours before the pickup time.
  2. Understand your tour programNot all tour program is created equal especially if your booked Seat in Coach (SIC) is totally different from the private tour. You should ask your tour operator  in Kuala Lumpur the different within two tour program, don’t blame it to your tour guide. Share with your family member the tour program where we will go and when expected coming back. Some of the family member keeping asking a same question over and over again. If tourist wanted to customized the tour itinerary in Kuala Lumpur, discuss with your tour guide at the moments the tour started in order tour guide planning a new route. Please understand the traffic condition in Kuala Lumpur was terrible. Its time consuming to change the itinerary last minutes.
  3. CommunicateLet your tour guide knows your situation. A good example, you just arrive few hours ago due flight delay, you a bit tired and need to take a nap. Another example: You still in jet lag.This is important for us to understand your situation because if you keeping Yawn and looked boring we might think the tourist not interested with our commentary. End up the tour guide decided not to do a proper commentary or just quiet. Please respond or ask a question to show you interested with the subject.
  4. Not Respect Tour guide in Kuala Lumpur came from many different backgrounds. They are Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Some of the religious practice by them it might look silly by the tourist.  Avoid asking question related to Religious, Politic and Government Policy unless you want to know as general knowledge
  5. Selfish TouristSome of day tour from Kuala Lumpur itinerary last for more than 8 hours. Yes, we understand you pay the tour and wanted to use every single minute for your money. Although the tourist wanted to skip the lunch, your tour guide still needs to have somethings to eat. Ask your tour guide if they need to break for lunch or coffee. They are a human being not a robot.
  6. Demanding/ High ExpectationsFew number of tourist I met have a very high expectation, everything must be perfect. They complaining about everything including the weather. Malaysia categories as developing country, some of things you see might not same as you practice in your country. No point you criticized, its nothing to do with tour guide job scope. Please understand certain things such weather and traffic condition in Kuala Lumpur beyond tour guide control. This will demoralized your tour guide.

During you tour in Kuala Lumpur, tour guide function as facilitator for the tourist to understand about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Besides that we also have to made sure the tourist safety, comfortable and tourist get a correct information. In order for tour guide to deliver their top notch their need your cooperation.

Happy Touring



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