Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips for Cheap Holiday

visiting kuala lumpur tips The articles Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips is dedicated to tourist who planning to have cheaper Holiday in Kuala Lumpur either as a single traveler or with Children. Based on our experience conducting tours, most tourists does not make enough research before visiting Kuala Lumpur. Visiting Kuala Lumpur at the wrong time causing a difficulty for tour operator in Kuala Lumpur planning the tour and giving the best tour experience. Hoping the article Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips help tourist to plan their holiday and get a better tour experience on each tour especially with Children

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Kuala Lumpur

visiting kuala lumpur tipsShort holiday on weekend and public holiday are very popular among Malaysian. Weekend and Public Holiday is the only time they have the opportunity to bring their family and Children visiting attractions in Kuala Lumpur or surrounding. As family orientated community, visiting parents in home townand other family member is a must during the religious festival such Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year and Deevali. More than 60% people who live and works in Kuala Lumpur originated from others nearby states such Malacca, Johor Bharu, Perak and Penang.The good highway system made the travel time within the states in Malaysia is much faster and convenience for Malaysian but not on weekend or during a major Public Holiday.

Malaysia has 14 days National Holiday, 72 days School Holiday and about 14 days state Holiday. National Holiday in Malaysia inclusive local religious festival and other international holidays are accordingly to Gregorian Calendar such New Year and Christmas. If any National Public Holiday falls on Sunday, the Holiday will be substituted to the next day making it three day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Situation like long weekend where tourist should avoid travel while planning a holiday. The longest period of Malaysia School Holiday from 15 November till 1 January. The new term of School started on 2nd January every year. This is the best time to visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Things To Do Before Visiting Kuala Lumpur

  1. Spend a time study about Malaysia Public Holiday Calendar. Mark down any date falls on Public Holiday or long School Holiday. Major religious festival such Eid Fitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and weekend during School Holiday should mark as NO.
  2. Book a Hotel and flight ticket early. Foreign tourist has a privilege getting a special discount for Hotel and Airlines fare if the online booking made few month early. Malaysia low carrier Airlines known as Air Asia offer the cheap flight ticket for domestic and international flight. Tourist can see a huge price different within during the weekday and public holiday.
  3. Get a second or third opinion from a local guide or tour operator in Kuala Lumpur. They are the best people to answer the question due their experience conducting a tour. Asking a travel forum can be very confusing when so many people are giving their own opinion..

The Best Time Visiting Kuala Lumpur Tips

Subject on objective and activity tourist plan to do during the vacation in Kuala Lumpur. Here is some of the tips the best time visiting Kuala Lumpur for cheap and productive holiday

If tourist looking for quiet and less people in tourist attraction either in Kuala Lumpur or outside Kuala Lumpur:-

1. During Fasting Month –

More than 60% the total population in Malaysia is Muslim. During the fasting month, Muslim community will limit their movement including going for a holiday. During the slow period, most of the Hotel in Malaysia will offer a special promotion to increase the Hotel occupancy.

2. After School Holiday

Month of January till middle of March, April until July, middle of August till middle of November is the best time visit Kuala Lumpur due after long school holiday in Malaysia.

If Tourist Visiting Kuala Lumpur for Shopping and Holiday

1. 1 Malaysia Mega Sale and Malaysia Year End Sale

Every year Malaysia Tourism Minister held Mega Sale and Year End Sale for 1½ month. During this season all participate shopping mall will offer special discount for all the merchandise and item. The Malaysia Mega Sale carnival is available on the month of Jun – September and month of November till the first week of January every year.

What if tourist do not have any other choice? Discuss with your travel agents in Kuala Lumpur. It is crucial to hire a tour operator who flexible when conducting the tour. All the tour activity can be plan to start early or postponed the tour to others suitable day.

If the tourist have any suggestion or question about the articles, kindly submit the idea in comments section.



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