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Who Are We?

Malaysia Private Tours Guide Specialist

We Go with Anuar private tours offers custom-designed Malaysia private tours to individuals and small groups traveling for holidays, business trips, or transit. Our deep knowledge of Malaysia makes a difference in your tour experience. Our in-depth expertise enables us to provide you with unparalleled travel services and insider access to Malaysia’s culture, history, and people.

We Deliver Malaysian Hospitality

What Make We Go with Anuar Different

There are dozens of private tour guide services in Kuala Lumpur. So what makes We Go with Anuar different from others?

We Go with Anuar has two ambitions:
First, we want to help tourists plan their tour itinerary in Malaysia by providing accurate and latest information. As a result, tourists will get a great holiday experience without breaking their wallets.
Second, we want to be the best private tour guide in Malaysia.


As hosts, we are responsible for ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests. Therefore, we extended our support after the tour. Tourists are free to contact us if they urgently need an assistant. We will try our best to help.


The best tour itinerary combined with a bubby driver is a perfect ingredient to make the trip more memorable. Of course, tourists can ask us any questions during the tour. So naturally, we give an unbiased answer


To ensure customer satisfaction meets the standard, we constantly review and fine-tune each tour program based on current events. In addition, we provide a free consultant suggested the most suitable tour for our customer

What Our Customers Say

We practice transparent and fair policies.
Therefore, we accept any complaints with an open heart as an opportunity to improve our service.
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Versatile and Reliable

Malaysia Private Tours Guide for Everyone

As Malaysia’s leading private tour guide provider, We Go with Anuar welcomes all tourists. Regardless of travelers visiting Malaysia for a social visit, attending seminars, honeymooners, or holidays, Malaysia has a variety of activities for everyone.

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Malaysia Travel Guide

Malaysia Private Tours Guide FAQ

What is a private tour guide?

The tour is exclusively organized for you and your family, regardless of the size of your group. Besides greater flexibility, it is good as extra precautions to minimize getting virus infected by another passenger.

How much does Malaysia tour cost?

The average cost per person doing the tour in Malaysia is about RM2030. On a daily average, tourists spend about RM70 on food RM50 on transportation. The average hotel cost for a couple is about RM340 per night. The best way to ensure tourists are on track is by booking all the activities and accommodation before traveling to Malaysia.

What are the best Private Sightseeing Tours in Malaysia?

Malaysia private tours guide best for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur and overland tour. Tourists will get more info about Malaysia traditions, culture and heritage.

Where should I go for a week in Malaysia?

Spend two to three days making an overland trip to popular destinations like Cameron Highlands and Penang. Last few days on the island like Langkawi Island or Tioman Island for relaxing.

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