PETRONAS Twin Towers Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers

PETRONAS Twin Towers is always in the first list whenever I have to the chance to write about the attractions and things to do in Kuala Lumpur. The reason of it very simple, I have the opportunity to see how these astonishing towers grow up every day from my apartment from the first day the project started in 1995 until it fully completed in 1998. Those days most of Malaysian so eager to see how the tallest twin building in the world look like when is complete. The day PETRONAS Twin Towers switch on the light for the first time, surrounding area become a huge celebration killing all the critic about the project.

Located on the former site of horse racing, the PETRONAS Twin Towers change the landscape of Kuala Lumpur skyline when its fully completed. All the sudden the tourism brochures with PETRONAS Twin Towers on you can be found at any places.

Until today after 15 years, PETRONAS Twin Towers still holding two world record

  1. The tallest twin building in the world – 452 meter from road level, and
  2. The highest double deck Sky Bridge

There are few places you can take a lovely photo of this towers depending when you visit the area. If you come in the morning the best places to take a photo near to the KLCC Park, in the evening go to the front of the towers. The best time to come here for a photo shoot during a Sunset to dawn 600pm – 730pm Malaysian Time.






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